Marsha Blackburn on Government Reform

Republican Representative (TN-7)


Require presidential candidates to show birth certificates

Birther bill: In 2009, Blackburn sponsored legislation requiring presidential candidates to show their birth certificates. The bill was in response to so-called Birther conspiracy theories that falsely alleged that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Asked why she supported such a bill, Blackburn's spokesperson said that Blackburn did not doubt that Obama was an American citizen. The spokesperson inaccurately suggested that Obama had not provided any documents to prove he was a natural-born citizen.
Source: Wikipedia.org on 2018 Tennessee Senate race , Jul 2, 2018

Sunset Act: review every federal agency every 12 years.

Blackburn signed H.R. 393

    Establishes the Federal Agency Sunset Commission to:
  1. submit to Congress a schedule for review by the Commission, at least once every 12 years, of the abolishment or reorganization of each agency;
  2. review and evaluate the efficiency and public need for each agency using specified criteria;
  3. recommend whether each agency should be abolished or reorganized; and
  4. report to Congress on all legislation introduced that would establish a new agency or a new program to be carried out by an existing agency.
  5. Terminates the Commission on December 31, 2033.
Requires the abolishment of any agency within one year of the Commission`s review, unless the agency is reauthorized by Congress. Authorizes the deadline for abolishing an agency to be extended for an additional two years by legislation enacted by a super majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Source: Federal Sunset Act 09-HR393 on Jan 9, 2009

Require Congressional certification of president's "Czars".

Blackburn co-sponsored Sunset All Czars Act