David Zuckerman on Tax Reform



Rebuild economy by taxing wealthiest Vermonters

One of the main issues facing Vermonters is the high cost of living and doing business in the state. According to Forbes, the cost of doing business in Vermont is 12% above the national average. Zuckerman said, "I think we should take resources from the wealthiest Vermonters, the top folks who are over a quarter million in income, and say now is the time for you to put resources in to our economy to help build us out of this pandemic."
Source: MyChamplainValley on 2020 Vermont Gubernatorial debate , Nov 2, 2020

Multiple ways of revenue, including taxes

On taxation: "There are multiple ways of raising revenue which, yes, includes taxes. As we state in the press release possible paths forward would include 'sequestering some of the Trump Tax cuts that those making over a quarter of a million dollars received and increasing the PTT on homes over $700,000.'"
Source: Brattelboro Reformer on 2020 Vermont Gubernatorial race , Oct 27, 2020

Address pandemic budget hole with taxes & rainy day fund

Though this year's budget is balanced, Vermont will have an estimated $100 million hole in the state's 2022 budget because of the pandemic. Zuckerman says he wants to turn to Vermont's rainy day fund which is over $200 million and would tax the richest Vermonters making over $250,000.
Source: WCAX-TV CBS-3 on 2020 Vermont Gubernatorial debate , Oct 8, 2020

No new taxes; we will have to live within our means

Scott says the state will have to re-evaluate because there may be more help from Congress or Vermont's financial picture could change. He also stresses there will be no new taxes. "In January, a budget will have to be presented and it will be balanced and we will have to live within our means," he said. "We can't at this point in time put more burden on Vermonters."
Source: WCAX-TV CBS-3 on 2020 Vermont Gubernatorial debate , Oct 8, 2020

Shift burden of property taxes to state's highest earners

Source: VT Digger on 2020 Vermont Gubernatorial race , Jul 30, 2020

Differentiate between those who can or cannot pay more taxes

First and foremost, we must identify the real burden of taxes and fees on Vermonters. We must be honest and smart in differentiating Vermonters who are struggling and cannot and should not pay more in taxes from those who have benefited from our collective infrastructure investments and are able to contribute more to our communities and the benefits of all.
Source: 2020 Vermont governor campaign website ZuckermanForVT.com , Apr 3, 2020

Institute a wealth tax on state's richest residents

Mirroring Bernie Sanders, Zuckerman has championed a $15 minimum wage, instituting a wealth tax on Vermont's richest residents, legalizing marijuana, and taking strong action on climate change. While in the Legislature, he spearheaded legislation that made Vermont the first state in the nation to require food manufacturers to label products containing genetically modified ingredients.
Source: Vermont Digger on 2020 Vermont Gubernatorial race , Jan 13, 2020

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