Mike Cooney on Education



Freeze college tuition; reduce student debt

Q: Support free or subsidized tuition for lower income individuals?

Cooney: Yes. Would freeze college tuition at four-year colleges and raise funding for two-year institutions. Supports federal funding for programs supporting low-income students. Would reduce student debt.

Gianforte: No. Sees "market forces," a decrease in the availability of student loans, as helping to lower cost of tuition. Focuses on promoting "trades education and apprenticeship programs" over four-year college degrees.

Source: CampusElect survey on 2020 Montana Gubernatorial race , Nov 3, 2020

Oppose diverting public funding toward private education

He is a champion of Montana's public education system and seeks ways to support educators and increase funding. As Governor, Mike will work with partner organizations to secure a public, voluntary, quality pre-K program across the state, ensure the 6-mill levy that funds our universities becomes permanent, and increase investments in two-year colleges, apprenticeship programs, and vocational education opportunities. He will oppose any efforts to divert public funding toward private education.
Source: 2020 Montana governor campaign website CooneyForMontana.com , Mar 25, 2020

More funding for Head Start and critical K-12 programs