Mark Clayton on Free Trade


Worked on the Americans for Trade Defense project

Q: What in your background would you most like voters to consider when making their choice in this election?

A: I worked in the Americans for Trade Defense project in Washington, D.C. to protect America's agricultural communities, our jobs and industry, as well as our borders. The last candidate I publicly supported was the late Don Deichman of Missouri, a Christian and a Democrat, who lost to the NAFTA-loving Republican Kenny Hulshof.

Source: Interview questionnaire in the Greeneville Sun , Jul 18, 2008

Enforce a higher tariff schedule on imports

Q: Gasoline prices and food prices have risen to levels that concern most Americans. What kinds of congressional actions would you support?

A: There is no complete remedy, as the dollar has been under a prolonged, orchestrated attack for decades. Our recent price woes are the fateful consequence of this intentional attack on the dollar. We could mitigate the gas and food crisis by taking the immediate steps of balancing the federal budget and diplomatically raising and enforcing a higher tariff schedule on imports - both actions would immediately help strengthen the dollar internationally. Second, we can dissolve the World Bank, and end its misuse of financial power, which is a major source of the gas and food crisis. Third, end subsidies for and prohibit use of corn for ethanol, as it raises feed and grocery prices. We can still produce ethanol with non-feed products which can be grown in more rugged and unused terrain and do so without raising feed and grocery costs

Source: Interview questionnaire in the Greeneville Sun , Jul 18, 2008

North American Union is treason against the Constitution

The Clayton for Senate campaign condemns the outrageous anti-American meetings aimed at the complete merger of the economies, governments, societies, and militaries of the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada into a single entity which the neo-conservatives and President Bush are calling the "North American Union."

All Americans are corporately determined that their country should remain independent and free. If it can be demonstrated to Congress that this meeting seeks to aid America's enemies by overthrowing the entire country, articles of treason may be drawn up against the president and those involved. There is only one major goal of the SPP summit in New Orleans: the complete withering away of America as a nation to destroy hard-won American civil liberties and the means for Americans to both acquire and possess property. Mark Clayton, upon becoming your senator, will be the first to draw up articles of treason [against Pres. Bush].

Source: Press release: Three Amigos: Bush-Canada-Mexico in Open Plot , Apr 22, 2008

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