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Jeb Bush
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Ben Carson
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Chris Christie
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Carly Fiorina
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John Kasich
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Sarah Palin
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George Pataki
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Rand Paul
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Jeb Bush MyOcracy topics and responses

    Criminal Justice

    Support for the construction of prisons or detention centers

  • 2007-02-15: Building private prisons would save 15%-20% of state costs
  • 2000-01-28: Longer prison terms for gun-toting criminals
  • 1998-07-02: Build more prisons; private contracts OK

    Civil Rights

    Ban abortions except in limited cases

  • 2009-12-11: Prevent use of public funds for stem cell research
  • 2001-05-31: Parental consent over government intrusions into families
  • 1998-07-02: Restrict abortions to incest, rape, & health
  • 1995-11-01: No need to teach about abortion if we have moral absolutes

    Abortion rights: Ban all abortions

  • 2007-02-15: Created divisive Choose Life license plates
  • 2007-02-15: Parental consent; clinic regulation; pro-life counseling

    Support for gun rights

  • 1998-07-02: Concealed carry OK; supports instant background check

    Support marriage rights between a man and a woman only

  • 1998-07-02: No hate-crimes status for gays; no gay marriage

    Support for gun control measures

  • 2001-11-07: Use a Gun and You`re Done

    Economic Issues

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: Less

  • 2007-02-15: Cutting intangibles tax helps seniors and savers
  • 2001-06-21: Supports estate tax repeal, but not at states` expense
  • 2001-06-01: Don`t broaden county & city taxing authority
  • 2000-01-28: Voter approval of tax increases; cut taxes by $1B

    Invest money in more public projects to improve infrastructure

  • 1998-11-01: Supports constitutional balanced budget amendment

    Education Issues

    Support school vouchers

  • 2013-03-05: Education savings accounts: Fund students instead of schools
  • 2013-03-05: 800,000 FL parents selected schools, not district zoning
  • 2012-08-29: School choice is about unions versus kids
  • 2012-08-29: Let's give every parent in America a choice about schools
  • 2009-12-11: Catholic Conference sought more voucher accountability
  • 2007-02-15: Make school plan more punitive and more vouchers
  • 2000-01-28: Instituted school voucher plan

    Support privatization of mass education

  • 2007-02-15: Co-founded a charter school in poor Miami neighborhood
  • 1998-07-02: Supports charter schools & vouchers

    Increase per pupil funding

  • 1998-07-02: More funding for schools; merit pay for teachers

    Reduce federal government involvement with public education

  • 2012-06-19: Pushed 1st statewide voucher program & school testing

    Environmental Issues

    Support off-shore drilling to tap new oil sources

  • 2001-09-09: Share offshore oil development revenue with states

    Use tax incentives for wind energy development and use

  • 2007-01-17: Set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025

    Oppose cap-and-trade programs to address industrial emissions

  • 2000-08-15: Kyoto Treaty must include reductions by all countries

    Invest in the creation and further development of mass transit systems

  • 2009-12-11: Increased transportation budget by 96% over 8 years

    Healthcare Issues

    Eliminate financial penalty from Obamacare for taxpayers that do not have health insurance

  • 2013-11-04: ObamaCare is flawed to its core
  • 2009-08-01: ObamaCare is focused on access; should be focused on quality

    Reduce government involvement in the provision of health insurance for taxpayers

  • 2009-12-11: OpEd: Medicaid reforms won't cover chronic conditions


    Provide amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2013-03-05: Illegals can't wait in line; there is no line to wait in
  • 2013-03-05: Secure border as component of reform, not as prerequisite
  • 2010-04-28: Pray for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, not AZ law
  • 2007-02-15: 1980s: Voter registration for 88,000 naturalized Hispanics

    Oppose amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2013-03-05: Limit family reunification: no siblings nor parents

    Increase the number of work visas granted to foreign workers each year

  • 2001-09-09: Import farm workers from Mexico


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