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Mike Bloomberg MyOcracy topics and responses

    Criminal Justice

    Use of treatment centers for violators of criminal laws targeting drug-use

  • 2002-04-10: You bet I smoked pot; and I enjoyed it

    Civil Rights

    Support for gun control measures

  • 2013-03-10: Background checks do work, and should be highest priority
  • 2011-11-15: 2006: Created Mayors Against Illegal Guns; now 600 mayors
  • 2008-01-17: Put the issue of illegal guns back on the national agenda
  • 2007-11-02: 2nd Amendment doesn`t prevent keeping guns from criminals
  • 2007-05-02: Founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  • 2007-04-30: It`s not about gun control, it`s about crime control
  • 2007-03-25: Sued New York City gun dealers to control guns

    Support marriage rights between same-sex individuals

  • 2012-01-20: Co-chaired Mayors for the Freedom to Marry effort
  • 2007-03-25: Backs same-sex marriage

    Support for gun rights

  • 2013-03-24: 80% of NRA members support background checks

    Abortion rights: Women should choose

  • 2006-05-02: Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right

    Economic Issues

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: More

  • 2010-09-28: 2004: Refunded $250M to residential taxpayers, not business
  • 2010-09-28: Raised property taxes to 18.5%, highest in history
  • 2007-03-25: Raised property taxes 18% to pay off budget deficit

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: Less

  • 2008-01-17: $400 property tax rebate to all homeowners

    Education Issues

    Support school vouchers

  • 2007-05-02: No social promotion; more after-school

    Implement pay-for-performance for educators

  • 2008-01-17: Slash bureaucracy; reward principal & teacher excellence

    Support privatization of mass education

  • 2007-06-18: No more tinkering at margins: cut bureaucracy; add charters

    Environmental Issues

    Eliminate tax incentives and/or subsidies to the fossil fuel industry

  • 2008-02-11: US must set real and binding carbon reduction targets
  • 2007-11-02: While greenhouse gas pollution is free, it will be abundant
  • 2007-06-18: Reduce NYC carbon emissions by 30% by 2030

    Support cap-and-trade programs to address industrial emissions

  • 2007-11-02: Direct charge over cap-and-trade, to raise cost of carbon

    Invest in the creation and further development of mass transit systems

  • 2007-12-11: Investing in infrastructure critical to competitiveness

    Consumer tax credits for the purchase of hybrid or electric vehicles

  • 2007-11-02: PlaNYC: convert 13,000 taxis to hybrids or high-efficiency

    Healthcare Issues

    Require all taxpayers to obtain full-coverage health insurance

  • 2007-06-18: Pay-for-prevention towards goal of universal coverage


    Provide amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2007-05-02: Normalize status of otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants
  • 2007-05-02: Border controls fight natural forces of supply and demand


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