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Rand Paul
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Rand Paul MyOcracy topics and responses

    Criminal Justice

    Use of treatment centers for violators of criminal laws targeting drug-use

  • 2010-08-26: Community treatment instead of federal anti-drug programs
  • 2010-08-23: Drug abuse isn't a pressing issue; 10-20 years is too harsh
  • 2010-05-20: Favors legalizing medical marijuana

    Civil Rights

    Support for gun rights

  • 2013-09-25: Oppose the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty
  • 2013-04-17: Voted NO on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets
  • 2013-02-12: Don't let the liberals tread on the Second Amendment
  • 2010-08-11: by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record
  • 2010-08-11: Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms
  • 2010-07-19: Supports 2nd amendment; vote against restricting handguns

    Ban abortions except in limited cases

  • 2013-05-10: Thousands of exceptions follow from maternal health
  • 2011-05-05: Prohibit federal funding for abortion
  • 2010-07-19: Life begins at conception

    Support marriage rights between a man and a woman only

  • 2013-06-26: Redefining marriage leads to economic and moral problems
  • 2010-08-11: Supports banning homosexuals in the military
  • 2010-08-11: Supports Amendment to prevent same sex marriage

    Prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

  • 2013-05-10: No national law on same-sex marriage; leave it to states
  • 2013-03-24: Let states decide same-sex marriage; don't federalize it

    Abortion rights: Ban all abortions

  • 2012-09-14: Coarsening of our culture led to 50 million unborn deaths
  • 2011-02-22: My opponents call me libertarian but I'm pro-life

    Economic Issues

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: Less

  • 2013-02-12: Stand firm and say NO to any MORE tax hikes!
  • 2011-02-22: Opposed to increasing taxes during recession
  • 2010-07-19: Lower taxes encourage spending, saving, and investing

    Support a balanced federal budget by constitutional amendment

  • 2012-01-01: Supports the Cut-Cap-and-Balance Pledge
  • 2010-07-08: Demand a Balanced Budget amendment

    Reduce taxes for all tax payers

  • 2012-01-01: Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge
  • 2010-08-12: Taxpayer Protection Pledge: no new taxes

    Implement a flat tax

  • 2010-08-11: Supports flat-rate federal tax; opposes increased tax rates
  • 2010-07-08: Adopt a single-rate tax system

    Taxes for large corporations: Decrease

  • 2013-02-12: Cut corporate tax in half to create millions of jobs

    Increase taxes for all tax payers

  • 2010-07-08: Repeal tax hikes in capital gains and death tax

    Education Issues

    Support school vouchers

  • 2013-02-12: Allow school choice for everyone, white, brown, or black
  • 2010-07-19: Support homeschooling and parental responsibility

    Environmental Issues

    Oppose cap-and-trade programs to address industrial emissions

  • 2010-11-02: Signed the No Climate Tax Pledge by AFP
  • 2010-07-08: Cap-and-trade has no impact on global temperatures

    Support domestic continental drilling to tap new oil sources

  • 2010-07-08: Explore proven energy reserves & keep energy prices low

    Use tax incentives for wind energy development and use

  • 2010-08-11: Supports renewable energy tax credits

    Healthcare Issues

    Reduce government involvement in the provision of health insurance for taxpayers

  • 2010-10-03: Obamacare will cost $3T & health insurance still goes up 15%
  • 2010-08-11: Opposes government-run healthcare
  • 2010-07-19: Replace over-regulation with free market principles
  • 2010-07-08: Defund, repeal, & replace federal care with free market
  • 2010-07-04: Repeal any federal health care takeover

    Eliminate financial penalty from Obamacare for taxpayers that do not have health insurance

  • 2013-11-03: ObamaCare cuts hundreds of choices down to just four
  • 2012-08-29: ObamaCare is still unconstitutional, despite Supreme Court
  • 2011-02-11: Restrain ObamaCare from using Commerce Clause


    Provide amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2013-03-24: Legal status, but not citizenship, for illegal immigrants
  • 2013-03-18: We will find a place for illegal immigrants in America
  • 2013-02-12: See immigrants as assets, not liabilities

    Oppose amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2013-03-18: Replace de facto amnesty with bipartisan reform

    Improve enforcement of existing immigration laws

  • 2010-07-19: No amnesty; respect the law


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