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The AmericansElect.org quiz outlines how elected officials and public figures address political topics, plus the relative importance they place on each key topic. The nine key topics are:

We list below summaries of one public figures's issue stances related to each topic, and which AmericansElect.org quiz answer each issue stance indicates. Click on the quiz answer link to see the full original excerpt and citations.

Marco Rubio on AmericansElect Senate Quiz



Quiz Responses
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AmericansElect Question & Answer
(Summary answer based on details in right-hand column)
Based on these stances:
(Click on answers for full excerpt & citation)

Question 1 answer A on Economy:

When you think about the US budget deficit, which of the following solutions is closest to your opinion?
  • A: Cutting existing programs
  • B: More spending cuts than tax increases (mix of both solutions)
  • C: More tax increases than spending cuts (mix of both solutions)
  • D: Raising Taxes
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 9 out of 12 statements:
This question weighted at 27% importance.
(Relative importance: 12 out of 44 statements.)

Question 2 answer D on Energy:

When you think about America’s energy needs, which of the following solutions comes closest to your opinion?
  • A: Strong investment in renewable energy like wind and solar
  • B: More drilling than investment in renewables (mix of both solutions)
  • C: More investment in renewable than drilling (mix of both solutions)
  • D: Strong focus on offshore drilling and allowing drilling in federal lands including wildlife reserves
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'D' from 7 out of 13 statements:

Let ethanol program expire: C on question 2
Addressing global warming would destroy our economy: D on question 2
Climate is always changing; it's not from human activity: C on question 2
Human activity is not causing climate change: D on question 2
Cap-and-trade scheme destroys jobs: D on question 2
Explore ANWR & outer continental shelf: D on question 2
Tax incentives for energy-efficient appliances: C on question 2
Loans to public institutions for energy efficiency: A on question 2
Florida has obvious advantages in solar energy: C on question 2
Let hybrid drivers use HOV lanes & discount parking: C on question 2
Explore proven energy reserves & keep energy prices low: D on question 2
Let states lease energy rights on federal lands: D on question 2
YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases: D on question 2
This question weighted at 30% importance.
(Relative importance: 13 out of 44 statements.)

Question 3 answer D on Healthcare:

When you think about healthcare reform in the United States, which of the following solutions is closest to your opinion?
  • A: The Government should be the sole provider of healthcare insurance
  • B: The Government should have a major role in providing healthcare insurance
  • C: The Government should have a limited role in providing healthcare insurance
  • D: Only private companies should provide healthcare insurance
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'D' from 4 out of 6 statements:

Let people decide how to spend health care dollars: D on question 3
Launch a marketplace of affordable health insurance: C on question 3
Opposes government-run healthcare: D on question 3
Defund, repeal, & replace federal care with free market: D on question 3
Repeal any federal health care takeover: D on question 3
YES on the Ryan Budget: Medicare choice, tax & spending cuts: C on question 3
This question weighted at 14% importance.
(Relative importance: 6 out of 44 statements.)

Question 4 answer C on Immigration:

When you think about illegal immigration, which of the following solutions come closest to your opinion?
  • A: All illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the US legally
  • B: Most illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the US, with some exceptions
  • C: Most illegal immigrants should be deported, with some exceptions
  • D: All illegal immigrants should be deported
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'C' from 6 out of 16 statements:

My parents immigrated on family connections; but stop that: C on question 4
If we don't know who you are, you don't get into America: D on question 4
Bar any company abusing H1 visas from future visas: B on question 4
Human trafficking law & deferred action caused border crisis: C on question 4
Give kids of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates: B on question 4
Legal status, but not citizenship, to migrant's children: C on question 4
Don't count illegal immigrants in the 2010 census: C on question 4
Allow children of illegals to pay in-state college tuition: B on question 4
No amnesty in any form, not even back-of-the-line: D on question 4
Oppose amnesty in any reform: D on question 4
Amnesty means no consequences; I was never for that: C on question 4
2013 lessons: do necessities first; then get to citizenship: B on question 4
Comprehensive immigration reform is politically infeasible: C on question 4
Green cards after 10 years; secure border; & e-Verify: B on question 4
Opposes granting amnesty to illegal immigrants: D on question 4
Supports full implementation of current border security laws: D on question 4
This question weighted at 36% importance.
(Relative importance: 16 out of 44 statements.)

Question 5 answer A on Foreign Policy:

When you think about the US pursuing its interests abroad, which of the following is closest to your opinion?
  • A: The US should always act in its own interest regardless of what other countries think
  • B: The US should rarely listen to other countries
  • C: The US should listen to other countries more often than not
  • D: The US should always listen to other countries before pursuing its own interests
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 4 out of 12 statements:

Plenty of crescent moons in Arlington National Cemetery: D on question 5
Three main threats: Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Russia: C on question 5
I believe God has blessed our country: A on question 5
Trade with Cuba won't translate into political freedom: B on question 5
Only America can stand up to world totalitarianism: A on question 5
9/11 about people who hate what America stands for: A on question 5
America needs a foreign policy of engaging abroad: C on question 5
Promote democracy via engagement abroad: D on question 5
Foreign aid spreads positive influence around the world: D on question 5
Sponsored opposing the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty: A on question 5
Oppose the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty: B on question 5
Move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; recognize as cap: B on question 5
This question weighted at 27% importance.
(Relative importance: 12 out of 44 statements.)

Question 6 answer A on Education:

When you think about education in the US, which of the following is closest to your opinion?
  • A: School curriculums should be set entirely at a local school board level
  • B: School curriculums should be set more by local school boards than at a national level
  • C: School curriculums should be set more by national standards than at a local level
  • D: School curriculums should be set entirely at a national standardized level
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 6 out of 9 statements:

No national school board; end Department of Education: B on question 6
Empower parents to overcome disastrous public system: A on question 6
Supports No Child Left Behind Opportunity Scholarships: B on question 6
Voted for more scholarships for private schools: A on question 6
More options for student and parent choice in education: B on question 6
A+ Plan for Education: charters and choice: A on question 6
$4,500 voucher saves state $10,000 in per-student cost: A on question 6
Private partnerships for provision of school services: A on question 6
Supports less federal & more local control of education: A on question 6
This question weighted at 20% importance.
(Relative importance: 9 out of 44 statements.)

Question 7 answer A on Social Issues:

When you think about the rights of same-sex couples, which of the following is closest to your personal opinion?
  • A: Same-sex couples should not be allowed to marry or form any kind of civil union
  • B: Same-sex couples should be allowed to form civil unions, but not to marry in the traditional sense
  • C: Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry legally, with all the same rights as traditional marriages
  • D: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 5 out of 8 statements:

Men's bathrooms are for men & women's bathrooms for women: A on question 7
Balance gay anti-discrimination with religious rights: B on question 7
Defining marriage does not demean a class of people: A on question 7
I believe in historical marriage, but ok if states redefine: B on question 7
Leave gay marriage to states, but keep DOMA: B on question 7
Supports Amendment to prevent same sex marriage: A on question 7
Supports banning homosexuals in the military: A on question 7
Opposes Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA): A on question 7
This question weighted at 18% importance.
(Relative importance: 8 out of 44 statements.)

Question 8 answer A on Environment:

Which of the following statements comes closest to your personal view?
  • A: Natural resources exist for the benefit of humanity
  • B: Natural resources exist for the benefit of humanity, but should be somewhat protected
  • C: Natural resources should be mostly protected, but also exist for the benefit of humanity
  • D: Natural resources exist on their own and should be completely protected
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 3 out of 5 statements:

Fix environment with free market, not government mandates: A on question 8
Partner with private companies for transportation system: B on question 8
Utilize toll revenues to widen & improve expressways: C on question 8
No EPA permits required for forest road runoff: A on question 8
NO on protecting ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems: A on question 8
This question weighted at 11% importance.
(Relative importance: 5 out of 44 statements.)

Question 9 answer A on Reform:

Which of the following comes closest to your personal opinion?
  • A: To make this country great, we should return to the examples and values of our forefathers
  • B: This country is already great, we shouldn't change a thing
  • C: To make this country great, we should keep building and adapting for the future
Summary answer 'A' from 3 out of 6 statements:

Each generation has left America better, until now: A on question 9
Founders promoted and protected our God-given rights: A on question 9
Safer place when America is strongest country in the world: B on question 9
Continue reducing barriers to free and fair trade: C on question 9
Identify constitutionality in every new congressional bill: A on question 9
YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's roving wiretaps: B on question 9
This question weighted at 14% importance.
(Relative importance: 6 out of 44 statements.)

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Senate races Nov. 2016:
AK: Murkowski(R) vs.Metcalfe(D) vs.Miller(L) vs.Stevens(L) vs.Lamb(R)
AL: Shelby(R) vs.Crumpton(D) vs.Bowman(R)
AR: Boozman(R) vs.Eldridge(D) vs.Gilbert(L) vs.Beebe(D) vs.Coleman(R)
AZ: McCain(R) vs.Kirkpatrick(D) vs.Mealer(I) vs.Ward(R)
CA: Sanchez(D) vs.Harris(D) vs.Chavez(R) vs.Del Beccaro(R) vs.Sundheim(R) vs.Brannon(R)
CO: Bennet(D) vs.Glenn(R) vs.Neville(R) vs.Frazier(R) vs.Keyser(R) vs.Littleton(R)
CT: Blumenthal(D) vs.Carter(R) vs.Orchulli(R) vs.Kudlow(R) vs.Wolf(R) vs.Foley(R)
FL: Rubio(R) vs.Murphy(D) vs.Grayson(D) vs.Keith(D) vs.DeSantis(R) vs.Cantera(R)
GA: Isakson(R) vs.Barksdale(D) vs.Buckley(L) vs.Barrow(D) vs.Grayson(R)
HI: Schatz(D) vs.Carroll(R) vs.Pirkowski(R) vs.Cavasso(R)
IA: Grassley(R) vs.Judge(D) vs.Fiegen(D) vs.Hogg(D) vs.Krause(D)
ID: Crapo(R) vs.Sturgill(D) vs.Pro-Life(C) vs.LaRocco(D)
IL: Kirk(R) vs.Duckworth(D) vs.Harris(D) vs.Zopp(D)
IN: Bayh(D) vs.Young(R) vs.Stutzman(R) vs.Hill(D) vs.Holcomb(R) vs.Bosma(R)
KS: Moran(R) vs.Wiesner(D) vs.Orman(I)
KY: Paul(R) vs.Gray(D) vs.Conway(D)
LA: Fleming(R) vs.Kennedy(D) vs.Campbell(D) vs.Boustany(R) vs.Maness(R) vs.Cao(R) vs.Clements(L)
MD: Van Hollen(D) vs.Szeliga(R) vs.Flowers(G) vs.Douglas(R) vs.Steele(R)
MO: Blunt(R) vs.Kander(D)
NC: Burr(R) vs.Ross(D) vs.Haugh(L) vs.Brannon(R) vs.Rey(D) vs.Wright(R)
ND: Hoeven(R) vs.Glassheim(D) vs.Marquette(L)
NH: Ayotte(R) vs.Hassan(D) vs.Rubens(R)
NV: Cortez-Masto(D) vs.Heck(R) vs.Angle(R)
NY: Schumer(D) vs.Long(R) vs.Merced(L)
OH: Portman(R) vs.Strickland(D) vs.Sittenfeld(D)
OK: Lankford(R) vs.Workman(D) vs.Johnson(D)
OR: Wyden(D) vs.Callahan(R) vs.Stine(D)
PA: Toomey(R) vs.McGinty(D) vs.Stern(R) vs.Sestak(D) vs.Fetterman(D)
SC: Scott(R) vs.Dixon(D)
SD: Thune(R) vs.Williams(D)
UT: Lee(R) vs.Snow(D) vs.Swinton(D)
VT: Leahy(D) vs.Milne(R)
WA: Murray(D) vs.Vance(R)
WI: Johnson(R) vs.Feingold(D) vs.Anderson(L) vs.Lorge(R)
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Civil Rights
Foreign Policy
Free Trade
Gay Issues
Govt. Reform
Gun Control
Health Care
Homeland Security
Social Security
Tax Reform

All Marco Rubio's positions
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To assess the Relative Importance of each answer, observe the citation counts in the left-hand column of the table above. The AmericansElect.org quiz relative importance are the citation counts expressed as pie-chart percentages.

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