Howard Phillips on Abortion

2000 Constitution Party Nominee for President


Prosecute abortion doctors for homicide

The Supreme Court has no right to amend the Constitution, and appointing pro-life justices is irrelevant. The unborn child is a person, and even [Roe v. Wade author Justice Harry] Blackmun conceded that if the unborn child is a person that abortion is unconstitutional. I’ll appoint pro-life U.S. Attorneys who will prosecute abortion doctors for homicide.
Source: Phone interview on Orvetti.com , Sep 20, 2000

First Priority is to End Legalized Abortion

Abortion in America must be ended. And if God chooses to bring our principles, our platform, and our plan of action, and our candidates to office, we will strive to be sensitive to His will and to faithfully do it. On Day One as President, I will officially acknowledge the legal personhood of the unborn child, and appoint new US Attorneys who will make it their top priority to work with state and local officials in prosecuting and closing down every abortuary within their jurisdictions.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

Killing of the innocent, young or old, is unconstitutional

The Constitution stipulates that “No person shall...be deprived of life...without due process of law”. Every one of us is a living, human person, endowed by Almighty God with an immortal soul, from the moment of fertilization until death. That is why we vigorously oppose euthanasia as well as abortion. We will end government-approved abortion and stop subsidies to organizations which promote abortion. We will do this because it is required by the laws of God and the Constitution of the United States.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

Both parties support pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices

It is not just Democrats who voted to confirm pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stephen Breyer. They were all confirmed with the support of the overwhelming majority of Republican members of the US Senate.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

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