Howard Phillips on Drugs

2000 Constitution Party Nominee for President


Federal duty to protect borders; local duty to protect self

BROWNE [to Phillips & Hagelin]: Before we had drug laws in America, we didn’t have the widespread drug problems we have today because the pharmaceutical companies ran the drug business, not criminal gangs in the inner cities. If I’m elected president, on my first day in office, I will pardon unconditionally everyone who’s in a federal prison on a non-violent drug offense.

PHILLIPS: The federal government has a duty to protect the borders of the United States. They do not have the right to legislate federally about drugs. I believe communities have a right to defend themselves against illegal drugs.

HAGELIN: I would decriminalize non-violent drug offenses. I would focus instead on drug education, drug prevention, drug rehabilitation, because the fact is, where educational opportunities are greatest, drug abuse is least.

Source: Third Party Debate on Meet the Press , Oct 22, 2000

Loss of the Panama Canal bases will increase drugs here

In Panama, we face serious challenges in the months and years ahead -- challenges that will impact on our ability to keep illegal drugs off our streets and from our children. With the pullout of the US military from Panama, it appears to me that we will only see more increases in drug trafficking; narco-terrorism; illegal arms smuggling and money-laundering in Panama and throughout the region.
Source: Issues and Strategy Bulletin of “The Conservative Caucus” , Jun 30, 2000

More border security needed

Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

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