Howard Phillips on Tax Reform

2000 Constitution Party Nominee for President


Tariffs down on foreigners causes taxes up on Americans

Income taxes are more than $385 billion per year greater than in 1993. FICA taxes are up by $185 billion and business taxes by some $36 billion, while estate taxes and gift taxes have also increased. The only drop-off was in tariffs (customs, duties, and fees collected) which once constituted the principal source of federal revenue. That was before we were letting Chinese Communist goods into America with tariffs which were only a tiny fraction of those imposed on US goods offered for sale in Red China.
Source: Issues and Strategy Bulletin of “The Conservative Caucus” , Oct 31, 1999

Tariffs should replace taxes

Relying on excises, imposts, and duties, as was the case during most of the 19th century, we can get revenue from those who can afford to add foreign luxuries to domestic consumption [tariffs] and through mercantile transactions. Personal liberty and respect for private property rights [should] prevail once again. It will prevail if we can persuade the American people to invest their confidence and their votes in our candidacy.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

Veto all IRS funds; repeal 16th Amendment

I will veto all further funds for the Internal Revenue Service. I will work to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, and I will strive to persuade Congress that there should be no direct taxation whatsoever by the Federal government on the American people, with revenues instead to be derived by excises, imposts, duties and apportionment among the states.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

Eliminate income tax, corporate tax, & estate tax

It’s time to insist on a Constitutional budget, coupled with the elimination of the income tax, the corporate tax, the estate tax, and all taxes which unfairly and improperly enable Federal bureaucrats to invade our privacy, regulate our conduct, or steal from us the savings and earnings to which we and our families are entitled, and on which civil government has no legitimate claim.
Source: Remarks at National Affairs Briefing, Memphis, Tennessee , Jan 19, 1996

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