Howard Phillips on Free Trade

2000 Constitution Party Nominee for President


Withdraw from NAFTA, WTO, UN, IMF, & Federal Reserve

It is our duty to immediately withdraw the US from all institutions which challenge and undermine the American system of sovereignty and accountability - and that includes the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, NAFTA, the WTO, the Asian Development Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - and, yes, the Federal Reserve.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

No more foolish bailouts, like Mexico’s

Clinton’s “Mexican hayride” provided a $50 billion bailout for the corrupt government of Mexico. This linked the dollar to the peso. It’s one of the reasons the collapse of the dollar has been escalating. Republicans signed their public support for the Mexican hayride. It’s a disaster with enormous consequences. In 1971, there were 365 yen to the dollar. [By 1995] it’s about 80 yen to the dollar. Look at the fall of the dollar. Every American has gotten a pay cut, because of the Mexican hayride.
Source: Speech to USTP National Committee meeting, St.Louis, MO , May 5, 1995

Giving up sovereignty is unconstitutional & dangerous

If we lose national sovereignty, we lose our liberty. Neither the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, nor other similar institutions are accountable to you or your elected legislators. They have power to spend your money and make decisions which profoundly affect you across the full spectrum of human activity, from environment to economics to health to culture. That’s why the Framers made it unconstitutional for Congress to surrender control over trade policy to GATT, or to NAFTA, or even to the President.
Source: Speech to National Christian Home Educators Conference , Nov 5, 1993

Howard Phillips on China

Permanent NTR is unconstitutional

The WTO agreement negotiated by Barshefsky requires Congress to abdicate its constitutional authority, by granting the PRC permanent ‘normal trading relations’ status and thus guaranteeing that Congress will not impose economic sanctions on the Chinese government in the future to protest China’s notorious violations of internationally recognized standards of human rights, or its dangerous exports of ballistic missiles and nuclear-weapons technologies to states such as Iran, Iraq or Sudan. Section 8 of Article I of the U.S. Constitution states this unequivocally: ‘The Congress shall have Power...To regulate Commerce with foreign nations?
Source: Issues & Strategy Bulletin of “The Conservative Caucus” , Jan 15, 2000

MFN for China is a gift to the People’s Liberation Army

Since 1994, we have seen Bill Clinton and Al Gore at the White House and Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott on Capitol Hill support the repeated enactment of Most-Favored-Nation status for Communist China, despite the increasing military threat which Beijing poses to the United States, a threat buttressed by this $60 billion annual MFN gift to the People’s Liberation Army. Now, Congress has also voted to extend MFN to the Communist government of Vietnam.
Source: Remarks to the 1998 National Convention of Concerned Women , Sep 24, 1998

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