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2000 Libertarian Nominee for President


Israel: stop arming their neighbors, but end foreign aid too

Many Americans understandably worry about Israel’s security, fearing that without American aid Israel will be overrun by its neighbors. But the most effective thing our government could do to help Israel would be to stop arming Israel’s neighbors.

Our government’s eagerness to take sides in Middle East disputes has put billions of dollars of weapons in the hands of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Small wonder that it seems necessary to rush to Israel’s defense when hostile governments can use American weapons to intimidate Israel.

Every American should be free to send money or weapons to Israel or any other government in the world. But our government has no business taxing you for the benefit of any foreign government.

The politicians no longer try to justify giving your money to foreign governments. They just do it.

Source: The Great Libertarian Offer, p.117 , Sep 9, 2000

US should not be involved in Kosovo at all

Browne indicates that the US should not maintain ground troops in the Kosovo province. “The US should not be involved in any way,” he says.
Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

Feel moral imperative? Do it, but don’t force others to.

If you feel that your ability to consider yourself moral hinges on your doing something [about Kosovo], then do it. But do you consider it moral to condemn to death other people, who are as innocent as you are, to satisfy your moral outrage? Do you consider it moral to force Americans who don’t agree with you to pay for the instruments of death and destruction that are currently raining down on the guilty and innocent alike in Yugoslavia?
Source: WorldNetDaily “Murdering for morality” , Jun 3, 1999

We bomb for morality; can US get bombed for immorality?

What happens when China decides some future Branch Davidians are being oppressed by the American government? On what moral basis could you argue that China has no right to rain bombs on innocent people in Texas, in order to make our “mad dog government” pay a price?
Source: WorldNetDaily “Murdering for morality” , Jun 3, 1999

If Milosevic is a threat, post a bounty for his death

If Slobodan Milosevic truly were threatening America, an American President could post a reward of, say, $250 million -- to be given to whoever in the world succeeded in assassinating him. But, whatever he really is, we know one thing for certain: Milosevic isn’t threatening us.
Source: WorldNetDaily “Murdering for morality” , Jun 3, 1999

Bombing doesn’t work; US intervention doesn’t work.

You can’t save innocent people by bombing innocent people. If that seems to be the only way to solve a problem, you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. U.S. intervention hasn’t brought us a single unqualified success in decades -- not in Somalia, Rwanda. or anywhere else. In every case, the original reason for the intervention still exists (as with Saddam Hussein) or the enemy has been replaced by one that’s equally bad (as in the case of Afghanistan or South Africa).
Source: http://www.harrybrowne2000.org/ “Top Ten” 5/15/99 , May 15, 1999

Undeclared wars are unconstitutional

By allowing the President to fight undeclared wars, the Republicans and Democrats in Congress have violated their Constitutional oaths. It’s time to respect the Constitution and stop allowing Presidents to suck us into wars that are none of our business.
Source: http://www.harrybrowne2000.org/ “Top Ten” 5/15/99 , May 15, 1999

Under no conditions should US be in former Yugoslavia

Asked his position on the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Browne responded, “it is no business of the US government. This is where World War I began.” Asked under what conditions he would use the US military in the former Yugoslavia, Browne responded, “None.”
Source: 1996 National Political Awareness Test , May 1, 1996

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