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Make EPA into full cabinet level position

Q: Are EPA regulations too restrictive?

A: Environmental improvement is very intricate. In some cases, it is true that regulations are too restrictive. In some cases regulations are being enforced too restrictively. And in some cases, EPA and state bureaucrats ride wild extra-legally and restrict property owners & business owners in the name of extreme environmental defense.

Q: So are property owners too restricted?

A: Because the science is intricate & because individual rights in indivisible air/water are currently impossible to protect, this is˙one area where the Federal government should be involved. I am the nation's best environmental advocate because I give Americans a PROPERTY RIGHT in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the rain that supports our crops. Actually, God gives us these property rights, I'm just the politician who is most forcefully recognizing them. As president I will raise the [the Environmental Protection Agency] to top tier cabinet level position.

Source: Email interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Dec 3, 2015

Environmental advocates: divorce yourselves from Marxists

I ask our environmental advocates to divorce yourselves from the Marxists. Marxists see in you a tool for using Big Government to control others. Resist them; make your environmental advocacy pure.

I am not only seeking the Democrat Party's nomination, I am seeking the GREEN Party's nomination too. That party has been largely taken over by Marxist totalitarians. I would like to see a pure Green Party, one that advocates for environmental goodness without instinctively using government for it. (Remember the dirtiest places are in non-capitalist countries; private owners WANT to care for their stuff; socialist "owner" don't care so much). Let Jill Stein and the totalitarians who follow her compete for the Socialist Party nomination instead; that's where they belong--leave the Green advocates to do their work without being besotted by your anti-social, anti-capitalist rhetoric.

Source: Email interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Dec 3, 2015

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