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I absolutely support American Exceptionalism

Q: Do you support or oppose American Exceptionalism?

A: I absolutely support American Exceptionalism. God blessed America from the outset, and we have become great. Armed with Judeo-Christian values, a capitalist work ethic, and the precept that your background is irrelevant to your merit, we've built our society to bring more happiness and prosperity to more people than any nation has ever done. That includes our bringing values abroad. Western values have made the world better. I am unabashed about this. That's why I want fervently to "wage peace". That means we overwhelm the receptive world to our goods, our processes, our culture, and our friendship. JFK had a "Peace Corps"; i would re-enlist this concept, but without government. Our students, our businesses, our missionaries, our ex-pats, and our tourists should every day be sharing with peoples who will receive us.

Source: Email interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Dec 3, 2015

Facilitate "governments-in-exile" against repressive regimes

For people stuck under repressive regimes, I will facilitate "governments-in-exile". These are women and men originally from those countries now in the USA but committed to returning when it's safe to offer citizens a Western government, tailored to their needs. They would meet once a year, to build institutions. Once they get the chance to return to a liberated home land, the government-in-exile would compete for power, and if it wins it would automatically have an alliance with the USA. That's perhaps a military alliance, but if not, it would be a moral alliance.

Remember, American (and Soviet) might defeated Nazi Germany; but it was Western VALUES that defeated Nazi-ism. American might (and the Soviet threat) defeated Imperial Japan; but it was Western VALUES that defeated Imperial-ism. Our good values and our continued interaction with our former enemies helped Germany and Japan to become prosperous nations. I wish that for all peoples who rid themselves of modern oppression.

Source: Email interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Dec 3, 2015

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