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Overhaul ridiculous tax system so companies stop leaving

Christie offered a glimpse at what he'd do if he ends up in the White House: "Within the first 100 days, if I were to run for president and be elected, we would change this tax system in this country so that people and companies aren't leaving the country anymore." The governor said the U.S. has a "ridiculous tax system" in dire need of an overhaul.

"Secondly," he added, "we would pass a national energy policy, and one that takes full advantage of all of the resources that we have available to us to help grow our economy and make the world a more peaceful and stable place."

"And the third thing," he said, "is to reestablish American leadership around the world."

Source: CBS News 2015 profiles of 2016 Presidential hopefuls , Feb 17, 2015

$2.3 billion small business tax relief package

In these past five years, we have delivered needed tax relief to small businesses. The $2.3 billion small business tax relief package that we continue to phase in is improving New Jersey's business climate and making our state more competitive. That approach is explicit in the sweeping, bipartisan changes we've made to New Jersey's economic incentive programs.

And we have better targeted them to areas of our state that need investment most. And the verdict is in--and the early returns from the economic opportunity act show that it is working to attract and retain businesses. In total, our pro-growth policies and streamlined economic development efforts have brought in over $12 billion dollars of new public and private investment in New Jersey in these last five years.

The fact is that, the deeper they look, the more businesses like what they see. Companies have chosen New Jersey as a home for expansion.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 New Jersey Legislature , Jan 13, 2015

Continue small business tax relief: no return to tax-&-spend

In the budget which governs the current year, even with growth in the national economy slowing again, we have been able to achieve balance with not only no new taxes, but with a second year of small business tax relief.

And let me make this point clearly and unequivocally. Despite the challenges, I will not let New Jersey go back to our old ways of wasteful spending and rising taxes. We will deal with our problems but we will continue to do so by protecting the hard earned money of all New Jerseyans first and foremost. We will not turn back. Look at all of those things some called impossible, that we have made a reality.

Source: N.J. 2013 State of the State Address , Jan 8, 2013

Casino regulators keep working during government shutdowns

Casino regulators keep working during government shutdowns Few people noticed [the state government shutdown one July under Governor Corzine]. The biggest problem the shutdown caused was that state casino inspectors weren't working, meaning the casinos couldn't operate. Casino regulators keep working during government shutdowns Later, sending an unmistakable signal on his 1st full day in office that he'd begun preparing for a budget fight, Christie signed an executive order deeming casino regulators as essential employees like the state police
Source: Rise to Power, by B. Ingle & M. Symons, p.128 , Jun 5, 2012

Cut business taxes by $600 million annually

When McGreevey was governor and desperate for money, he and the Democrats in the legislature increased taxes on the wealthy--a hike known by its shorthand name as a millionaire's tax. Corzine and the legislature passed their own millionaire's tax in 2009

Christie ran a no-tax-hike pledge and the idea was to introduce the new millionaire's tax after he took office and force him to sign it, breaking his word, which of course Democrats would use against him.

It didn't work, he didn't sign it. His critics claimed he'd cut taxes for his millionaire friends. It was a lie. The tax rate had not changed since Christie took office.

At the same time, Christie and the legislature cut business taxes to the tune of $185 million the 1st year, growing to more than $600 million in cuts annually by the 5th year, to encourage expansion and job creation. Democratic efforts to raise taxes on millionaires also continued in Christie's 2nd year, ending with the same veto.

Source: Rise to Power, by B. Ingle & M. Symons, p.194-195 , Jun 5, 2012

Shame the bankers out of greedy bonuses, but don't regulate

Q: What do you think was the problem for America's terrible economic mess?

A: Greed. And because no one wanted to tell anybody the truth. I think we got ourselves in this mess because some people in the financial industry became incredibly short-sighte and greedy and we had government officials who refused to say no.

Q: A lot of bankers have been bailed out, and then the first thing they do is award themselves massive bonuses. Would you have stopped that?

A: I probably wouldn't have done anything different to stop them to do that except to use the power of the bully pulpit as president to call attention to it and to try to shame them into doing something different. I don't believe in that kind of heavy-handed regulation where we're saying how muc you can pay people. But I do think that what really caused the problem was not so much the high-pay, was just the incredibly risky securities spreading kind of like a cancer that really caused the incredible downturn that we had in 2008 and 2009.

Source: Interview on CNN "Piers Morgan Tonight" , Jun 15, 2011

Bring back "Trenton makes, the world takes"

New Jersey was once a leader in manufacturing, and as the well-known tag line goes, "Trenton makes, the world takes." Today, the industries that once made NJ no longer exist and it shows in our unemployment rate, the number of businesses that have left our state, and the lack of good-paying jobs. NJ has lost 135,100 overall jobs overall and 34,000 manufacturing jobs in the last year alone. As a result, many middle-class workers have been forced to take lower paid paying jobs without benefits.
Source: 2009 Gubernatorial campaign website, christiefornj.com , Jul 21, 2009

OpEd: Don't pick winners & losers? Picks "critical" sectors

Governors and politicians who constantly proclaim that "government should not pick winners and losers" are doing precisely that, and for good reason: Virtually every state is locked in head-to-head battle with other states for business sitting decisions. To survive such competition, state governments are forced to practice economic policy, whether they choose to admit it or not.

Governor Chris Christie's New Jersey Economic Development Authority favors specific "business sectors critical to the State's economy."

Source: A Governor's Story, by Jennifer Granholm, p.242 , Oct 1, 2005

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