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In my first week as president we would ban TikTok

Gov. Chris Christie: So in my first week as president, we would ban TikTok. They want to go ahead and sell it, let them go ahead and sell it. But I'll tell you another reason we would do it. Facebook's not in China, X is not in China. They're not permitting a free flow of information to the Chinese people from our social media companies, yet we just open the door and let them do what they're doing. TikTok should be banned because they are poisoning American minds and I would do it week one.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami , Nov 8, 2023

Pro-innovation: get government off the back of innovators

Q: 22% of American workers fear their jobs will be lost to a robot. Would you retrain workers who lose a job to artificial intelligence?

CHRISTIE: Each time we have shown incredible innovation and progress in this country, what we've done with it is to expand all kinds of opportunities. Yes, we have to do retraining for folks who lose their jobs. And we should have more training available both at the county college level and the local level.

But this is a much bigger issue than that. We can't be afraid of innovation. America has been the great innovator of this world: a technological innovator, a manufacturing innovator, and a freedom and governmental innovator. America has to continue to stand strong in the world, pro-innovation, pro-progress. As president, I will make sure that every innovator in this country gets the government the hell off its back and out of its pocket so that it can innovate and bring great new inventions to our country that will make everybody's lives better.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley , Sep 27, 2023

If China won't let our social media in, TikTok should go

TikTok is here in this country. We let them in. Facebook and Twitter are not in China. They're going to let Facebook, Twitter and our social media into China, I'll let TikTok stay. If they don't, TikTok goes, in a Christie administration.
Source: CNN Town Hall: interviews of 2024 presidential candidates , Jun 12, 2023

$30B for NYC-NJ Gateway rail tunnel

President Trump is pushing congressional Republicans not to fund a crucial infrastructure project--a long-delayed plan to build a new rail tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey. The $30 billion Gateway project would construct a tunnel into New York's Penn Station to supplement two aging tubes that are at risk of failing.

But the Gateway project has had powerful Republican backers, including former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Trump has been lured to support the project by New York and New Jersey politicians, including Christie (R-NJ), Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). Christie led a delegation to the Oval Office this year with Schumer. They engaged in chitchat with the president about New York infrastructure, with the president even asking somewhat technical questions about building tunnels. After their last Oval Office meeting, officials left saying that Trump was on board with the project.

Source: Washington Post, "NY-NJ Tunnel" on 2018 Trump Administration , Mar 2, 2018

The Chinese don't take us seriously, and why should they?

Remember why we're in the position we're in with China, because an absolutely weak foreign policy that was engineered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The Chinese don't take us seriously and why should they? They hacked into the American government's personnel file and took millions of records. I'm one of the victims of that hack. And what has this president done? Not one thing.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate , Nov 10, 2015

Let people play Fantasy Football; who cares?

Q [to Gov. Bush]: Daily fantasy sports will award billions of dollars in prize money this year. Isn't that gambling, and should the Federal Government treat it as such?

BUSH: I think this has become something that needs to be looked at in terms of regulation. Effectively it is day-trading without any regulation at all. And there should be some regulation.

CHRISTIE: Are we really talking about getting government involved in fantasy football? We have $19 trillion in debt. We have people out of work. We have ISIS and al Qaeda attacking us. And we're talking about fantasy football? Can we stop? How about this: How about we get the government to do what they're supposed to be doing, secure our borders, protect our people, and support American values and American families. Enough on fantasy football. Let people play, who cares?

Source: GOP `Your Money/Your Vote` 2015 CNBC 1st-tier debate , Oct 28, 2015

Focus on bipartisan reforms instead of Bridgegate

Q: How badly have you been damaged by Bridgegate? Even if you did know nothing about it, that you created a climate in your administration where people thought closing lanes to a bridge was OK?

CHRISTIE: There was no climate in our administration that would ever permit that and the termination of folks who were involved I think proves that very clearly. [I focus instead on] our bipartisan record of having achieve property tax reform, pension and benefit reform, & tax cuts in New Jersey.

Source: Fox News Sunday 2014 interview of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 26, 2014

Bridgegate: Staff made some significant mistakes in judgment

Christie seemed determined to reassert himself as a Republican standard-bearer, despite the imbroglio over accusations of political intimidation. After weeks of subdued and somber appearances, at which he spoke of soul-searching and self-flagellation [over Bridgegate], it was the old Chris Christie who emerged: he boasted of his daughter Bridget's aggression on the basketball court ("it's almost embarrassing").

Asked about the bridge controversy, Christie replied that large organizations are "inherently flawed because they are inhabited by human beings."

"Some people who worked for me made some significant mistakes in judgment," he said, leaving it at that.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland (D, OH) was on hand to ensure that the controversy was not cast off so tidily, saying he found it hard to swallow the claim that Christie was unaware of his administration's role in the lane closings: "Either the governor knew & he is lying or he is the most inept, incompetent chief executive imaginable.

Source: NY Times on "NY Region" in 2013, 2016 presidential hopefuls , Feb 12, 2014

Fired aides for Bridgegate: traffic jam as retribution

It's no secret that Sen. Rand Paul and Gov. Chris Christie aren't each other's biggest fans. On the Bridgegate controversy, Paul told reporters. "I don't know who e-mailed who and who works for whom. I have been in traffic before though, and I know how angry I am when I am in traffic--and I am always wondering, who did this to me?"

Christie has repeatedly denied he had any knowledge of or involvement in an alleged plot to cause massive traffic problems in Fort Lee, New Jersey, last year as a possible act of political retribution. He fired two of his top aides accused of orchestrating the incident, while a third resigned shortly before the story became national news. But now the issue is the subject of investigations by a state legislative committee and the Justice Department.

In a nearly 2-hour press conference last month, Christie defended his reputation as Democrats tried to characterize him as a spiteful leader. "I am not a bully," Christie said.

Source: 2013 CNN Political Ticker on 2016 presidential hopefuls , Feb 9, 2014

Eliminate all funding for NJ public broadcasting

Christie announced his intention to eliminate all state funding for NJ's public broadcaster, including NJN, New Jersey Network. Philosophically, he didn't think the state should be in the news business and with a $10 billion deficit, the state had to trim anywhere it could. About 130 NJN workers were on the state payroll with hefty benefits.

Governor Christie Whitman, also a Republican, compared NJN to Pravda, the Soviet Union-controlled propaganda machine. Even Democrats, such as Corzine, had floated the idea of privatizing NJN.

Fast-forward to 2011, when Christie finally pulled the plug on NJN. After considering several proposals, his administration settled on a plan to sell NJN's 9 small radio stations for about $4.3 million (less than half of it in cash, and for less than the stations' appraised value) but hold on to the TV licenses and cut a deal with WNET, a NY-based public broadcaster considered the nation's flagship PBS station, to run the NJ operation, which was renamed NJTV.

Source: Rise to Power, by B. Ingle & M. Symons, p.176-178 , Jun 5, 2012

Put more Motor Vehicle Commission functions online

Technology upgrades, enhanced security operations & expanded services are the foundation of the Christie Administration's plan to help customers avoid unnecessary trips to their local Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agencies. The modernizations are at the forefront of the MVC's future technology investments to streamline operations & enhance customer service. Some of the MVC's accomplishments under the Christie Administration include:
Source: 2011 gubernatorial press release, "Skip the Trip" , Aug 4, 2011

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