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It's time to break the monopoly of the public school system

School choice, which includes charter schools, vouchers, and tax-credit scholarships, levels the playing field for families from all socioeconomic backgrounds. By giving parents the right to vote with their feet, we send a clear message to underperforming schools: shape up or risk losing students. It's time to break the monopoly of the public school system and embrace a future where every child has access to the quality education they deserve.
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website LarryElder.com , Apr 30, 2023

Won't support schools that indoctrinate children with hate

I will never sacrifice the dreams of just one California child to appease teachers unions, who denounce parents and families as "white supremacists" simply because they want their kids back in school. I will never support taxpayer funded schools that indoctrinate children with hate.

That teach white kids are "oppressors." And black kids are "victims?" What happened to judging each other on the content of their character. You see, our national motto is e pluribus unum--out of many, one!

Source: 2021 California Governor campaign website ElectElder.com , Jul 22, 2021

Will fight for school choice, charter schools

Without decent schools there can be no "equity," The radical's favorite word! The answer, school choice. Let the money follow the child. We have choice in higher education, why not in K-12? Well, it's because the powerful teachers' unions literally own Newsom. I will literally fight for charter schools that so terrify Newsom and his cohorts.
Source: 2021 California Governor campaign website ElectElder.com , Jul 22, 2021

Schools need to purge bad teachers, they inflict damage

[On K-12 schools]: "Parents are concerned that the kids cannot read and write at grade level, they're concerned about violence in the schools, and they want to have an option out," Elder said. Those same parents, he argued, "want to make sure their kids come out of school and are able to compete for a job."

Schools need to purge bad teachers, he urged, arguing that the "worst teachers are inflicting damage on the kids that need good teachers the most."

Source: Fox News on 2021 CA recall race , Jul 22, 2021

Bad schools, lack of parental involvement connected

There is a phenomenon known as the "turkey trot," in which bad teachers wind up in the worst schools. Why? There is a connection between bad schools and lack of parental involvement. When you have strong parental involvement, parents pressure their schools to remove such teachers. Because of strong, protective teachers unions, these teachers are rarely fired, merely shuffled from school to school, until they land in one where few parents complain.
Source: The Larry Elder Show "Yes on School Choice" , Jul 8, 2021

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