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Expand career/technical academies across the state

Should that individual choose an education pathway in a career academy like the very successful one here in Bismarck that teams up higher education, the private sector and K-12, he or she shouldn't have to live in the capital city to have access to that type of learning model. Our budget called for providing $45 million to support the expansion and development of similarly successful career and technical education centers across North Dakota.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to North Dakota legislature , Jan 5, 2021

Help students be "choice ready" for their career paths

Helping them explore career paths earlier, work-based learning and internships and career pathways programs that can help identify their interests. And by supporting all students to be choice ready, meaning whether you're ready for a career, you're ready for college, you're ready for the military. So choice ready means we want to be empowering our youth and addressing, at the same time, addressing our workforce shortage and making positive impacts for our communities.
Source: 2020 North Dakota State of the State address , Jan 29, 2020

Proclaimed North Dakota School Choice Week

As National School Choice Week is celebrated nationwide Jan. 20-26, North Dakotans will also be celebrating North Dakota School Choice Week thanks to a proclamation from Gov. Burgum.

The governor has joined hundreds of state, city, and county leaders nationwide in issuing similar proclamations. More than 40,000 events have been independently planned throughout the country for School Choice Week, including rallies roundtable discussions, breakfast meet-ups, festivals, school fairs, and more.

Source: NewsDakota.com on 2020 North Dakota gubernatorial race , Jan 17, 2019

Invest in K-12 for our No. 1 resource--our young people

Our private sector prosperity has allowed us to build and maintain a strong foundation in K-12 and higher education--investing in our No. 1 resource--the young people of North Dakota. Right now, we can make smart, bold investments with long-lasting impacts--while delivering a fiscally conservative and structurally sound budget that improves transparency--replenishes reserves--and does this all without raising taxes!

In 2017, we set out to transform education in North Dakota. Our goal: to ensure our K12 and higher education systems are best equipped to adapt to new technologies and delivery methods--and prepare students for success in the fast-changing digital economy. We supported establishing the K-12 Innovation Academy. This partnership-- between public entities and private philanthropy--supplies concrete strategies for transforming education--while also creating a statewide network to advance best practices and community-led initiatives.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature , Jan 3, 2019

Local control of schools

This is about bottoms-up innovation. This is not top-down Washington DC decides, or Bismarck decides. This is each individual school district can adopt an innovation plan and they can decide locally what they think the best way to try to drive education, you know, hands on, experience based education in their areas. To get out and really understand more about how we can make that happen we have created a K-12 task force.
Source: 2018 North Dakota State of the State address , Jan 23, 2018

Kids can't prepare for 21st century using 19th-century model

With the world's information now available for free online, Burgum said educators, parents, businesses, community organizations and legislators must all play a role in transforming the education system. It's not enough for students to do well on traditional measures, Burgum said. The challenge is how to equip them with the skills and mindsets they need to be creative problem solvers & effective communicators. "We can't prepare our kids for the 21st century using a 19th-century model," he said.
Source: Press release on 2017 North Dakota State of the State speech , Feb 8, 2017

Accelerate efforts to raise outcomes for all students

Our North Dakota education system, which needs to serve a significant rural as well as increasing urban population, will need to accelerate its efforts to raise outcomes to ensure students of all ages have the skills they need to be competitive in a global economy.
Source: Recode.net on 2016 North Dakota gubernatorial race , Jan 31, 2016

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