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Teach kids how to build: apprenticeships & vo-tech

HALEY: I want to take as many federal programs from D.C. as we can and send them down to the state level. Think education. We can move a lot of K through 12 programs down to the state level, reduce the strings that are attached, and that way states can handle it themselves. And we need to start putting vocational classes back in our high schools. Let's teach our kids how to do things. We did that in South Carolina. We had apprenticeships. We taught our kids how to build the things we are making. When we start putting education back in the states and away from D.C., that's when we'll start to see that we are going back to the basics. We're doing what parents want. And we're doing what the industries in states need.

DESANTIS: Nikki said she wants parents to decide on education. She campaigned for governor saying she was going to do school choice, to give private scholarships to low-income families. When she was governor, she never did it. She caved to the teachers union.

Source: CNN 2024 pre-Iowa caucus one-on-one debate , Jan 10, 2024

Let parents parent and let teachers teach

DESANTIS: Nikki Haley campaigned for governor saying she was going to do school choice, to give private scholarships to low-income families. When she was governor, she failed to deliver. She caved to the teachers union.

HALEY: I have fought for school choice in my entire career because I think parents know their children best, and I think we should always do that. We wanted school choice. I had a Republican legislature that wouldn't do it. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it across the country. But we've got to get these programs down to the state level. We've got to let the focus be on teachers. Teachers right now have to be the guidance counselors, the pastors, the nurses and everything in between. That's not what teachers want. Teachers want to do what they were taught to do. And that means math, science, reading, history, English, arts. That's it. Schools can't be all things to all kids. They need to let the parents parent. They need to let teachers teach.

Source: CNN 2024 pre-Iowa caucus one-on-one debate , Jan 10, 2024

More vocational education and less DEI

Q: American students have lower scores in math and reading; chronic absenteeism is at record highs. You say school choice is the answer, but what would you do right now?

HALEY: School choice isn't the only answer. We have to acknowledge the fact that 67% of our eighth graders are not proficient in reading or math. The first thing we've got to do is we've got to make sure we catch our kids back up. We have to make sure they can read.

We need to start building things in America again. Let's put vocational classes back in our high schools. And let's get our kids building the things that we know that we can make. When we start to focus on that and really bringing that parental involvement, that's when we'll start to see a difference. But we've got to get parents back included. We've got to quit spending time on this DEI and CRT, and instead focus on financial literacy on digital literacy, and on making sure that our kids know what they need to do to have the jobs of the next generation.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley , Sep 27, 2023

Parents need to decide which schools their kids go to

As a parent, the one thing you want is for your child to have a better life than you did. There's a lot of crazy, woke things happening in schools, but we have got to get these kids reading. We need to make sure we bring in reading remediation all over this country. We need transparency in the classroom, because parents should never have to wonder what's being said or taught to their children in the classroom. Parents need to be deciding which schools their kids go to, because they know best.
Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee , Aug 23, 2023

Parents talk to their kids about gender--not in schools

What I said was, first of all, this all started with the don't say gay bill, right? And it basically said you couldn't talk about gender to any child before the third grade. I have been on record saying, I don't think that went far enough. They should not be talking to our kids about gender, period. That's what parents talk to their kids about, not in school.

The idea that we have biological boys playing in girls' sports, it is the women's issue of our time. My daughter ran track in high school. I don't even know how I would have that conversation with her. How are we supposed to get our girls used to the fact that biological boys are in their locker rooms? And then we wonder why a third of our teenage girls seriously contemplated suicide last year. We should be growing strong girls, confident girls.

Source: CNN Town Hall: interviews of 2024 presidential candidates , Jun 4, 2023

Signed a charter school bill that expanded school choice

Growing up in rural South Carolina, Nikki knows what a difference a good education can make. As governor, Nikki successfully pushed for education reform that focused on improving education for South Carolina’s poorest students. She also signed a charter school bill that expanded school choice, and signed a bill eliminating the federal government’s Common Core standards. Wanting to do more for kids growing up like she did, Nikki founded the Original Six Foundation, a nonprofit that offers additional educational opportunities to kids in rural South Carolina. Now, 11 years strong, the Original Six Foundation has helped more than 20,000 students.
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website NikkiHaley.com , May 7, 2023

Incentivize teachers to work in rural districts

We will aggressively start recruiting teachers to rural districts and, just as aggressively, incentivizing them to stay there. If a student agrees to teach in a challenged district for eight years, we will cover the full cost of their education at a state university. For recent graduates who agree to the same commitment, we will repay their student loans. For career educators who want to grow professionally and teach in these challenged districts, we will cover the cost of their graduate coursework.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Carolina legislature , Jan 20, 2016

Higher education system is flush with cash

I am not opposed to using South Carolina's bonding capacity to serve the most critical needs of our state. There are times it makes sense. But it is why I opposed last year any effort to bond out hundreds of millions of dollars to fill a wish list for our already bloated higher education system. And no one can drive the campuses of Clemson and others, see the brand new facilities and tell me that they represent our greatest need. That is not true of elementary, middle, and high schools.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Carolina legislature , Jan 20, 2016

Incentives for teachers, including tuition & grad school

We've proposed a new initiative that will help our rural schools get, and keep, the kind of highly qualified teachers their students deserve.
Source: State of the State address to 2015 South Carolina Assembly , Jan 21, 2015

Make a real investment in our charter schools

Every child in South Carolina learns differently, some more so than others. It is our responsibility as the leadership of this state to embrace that reality, not fight it, and give all of our children the chance to learn, to grow, and to thrive. And so the time to make a real investment in our charter schools has come--and our budget does just that. Charters are innovators--we need those fresh insights and ideas to help us improve our educational system for all of South Carolina's children.
Source: 2012 S.C. State of the State Address , Jan 18, 2012

Educate kids not based on where they happen to live

Our children are our future workforce, our future business owners, and even our future governors. The quality we give them now is the quality they will return back to South Carolina, the quality that will define our state long after we're gone. [Let's] reform the Department of Education. We'll start with the funding formula. We need to educate our children not based on where they happen to be born and raised, but on the fact that they deserve a good, quality education, and they are our future workforce
Source: 2011 South Carolina State of the State Address , Jan 19, 2011

Expand charter schools

South Carolina's 37 charter schools have successfully integrated themselves into local communities and successfully supplement current education options. While still public schools, these unique institutions have enough autonomy and flexibility to use innovative education techniques, provide outstanding education, and focus on specialized areas such as technology, math, and science.

The answers to expanding charter school use in South Carolina are similar to the ones for other public schools. These charter endeavors create totally new schools that have a modern mission and measureable goals in place before the first student walks through the door. This can mean fresh starts for thousands of South Carolina's students every year; this is not an opportunity we can let pass us by.

Source: 2010 Gubernatorial campaign website, nikkihaley.com "Issues" , Nov 2, 2010

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