Bill de Blasio on Free Trade

NYC Mayor; Democratic Presidential Challenger (withdrawn)


Dislikes multilateral trade deals, including NAFTA and TPP

Like other Democratic candidates running under the progressive banner, de Blasio dislikes America's trade deals. During the second round of Democratic debates he criticized Trump for "trying to sell NAFTA 2.0. He's got a new name for it. It's just as dangerous as the old NAFTA. It's going to take away American jobs like the old NAFTA, like it did to Michigan. And we cannot have Democrats be party to a new NAFTA." He has been a long-time critic of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Back in 2015 he said it would be a "huge mistake" for Congress to approve so-called fast-track treatment of the deal. What's unclear is what kinds of trade deal would meet de Blasio's approval and how many other countries would be willing to meet those terms.
Source: Council on Foreign Relations on 2019 Democratic primary , Aug 12, 2019

USMCA is worse than NAFTA

Bill de Blasio on NAFTA/USMCA: Demand changes to USMCA.

15 CANDIDATES HAVE SIMILAR VIEWS: Joe Biden; Cory Booker; Pete Buttigieg; Julian Castro; Kirsten Gillibrand; Kamala Harris; John Hickenlooper; Jay Inslee; Amy Klobuchar; Beto O`Rourke; Tim Ryan; Bernard Sanders; Eric Swalwell; Elizabeth Warren; Marianne Williamson.

The majority of Democratic candidates want changes made to the agreement before it comes up for a vote in Congress, focusing on making changes to labor standards, environmental provisions, access to medicines and enforcement of the deal. Seventeen candidates, asked by Citizens Trade Campaign, a national coalition pushing for changes to USMCA, agreed that Congress should not approve the deal until changes have been made.

Mayor de Blasio has been among the most vocal candidates in expressing his opposition. "It's got a different name, but it's still NAFTA," he told CNN in July. "It's even worse in some ways. It gives even more power to corporations this time."

Source: Politico "2020Dems on the Issues" , Jul 17, 2019

Democrats should stand for workers not corporations

If Democrats are complicit with Republicans in passing a NAFTA treaty -- it's got a different name, but it's still NAFTA. It's even worse in some ways. It gives even more power to corporations this time. A lot of people in this country are going to look at that and say, I can't tell one party from the other. And they're not going to buy into a Democratic Party that seems to be once again just caving to the big corporations, rather than standing up for working people.
Source: CNN "SOTU" 2019 on 2020 candidates , Jul 14, 2019

NAFTA was a disaster; we will not repeat mistake with TPP

Mayor Bill de Blasio today joined a slew of city politicians to decry President Barack Obama's proposed Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal--comparing it to North American Free Trade Agreement, which he deemed a "disaster." "There's such passion on this issue because we've already been to this movie," Mr. de Blasio said at an anti-TPP rally in front of City Hall this morning. "We saw it with NAFTA. We saw what a disaster NAFTA was, and we're not going to repeat that mistake in our time."
Source: New York Observer on 2020 presidential hopefuls , Apr 7, 2016

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