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Denounce Planned Parenthood as largest abortion provider

What about the areas where Trump fans argue that he'd clearly be better than Clinton? On abortion, we know what she'd do--protect Planned Parenthood, and appoint the standard-issue leftist legal technocrats to the bench. How much better would Trump be? It's impossible to know if his recent pro-life conversion is genuine, but it can't be a good sign that he still refuses to denounce Planned Parenthood, consistently using Democratic talking points to praise the nation's largest abortion provider.
Source: David French column in National Review, "Trump & Hillary" , Mar 29, 2015

A child conceived in rape or incest is every bit as human

It is extraordinarily disappointing to see Representative Renee Ellmers slamming pro-life groups as "childish" for insisting on a rape-reporting requirement in the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The reporting requirement was reasonable, defensible, and right.

Representative Ellmers (and her sympathizers in the House GOP) fail to understand how much pro-life groups are compromising to support bills with rape/incest exceptions to abortion bans. A child conceived in rape or incest is every bit as human, every bit as innocent, and every bit as capable of feeling pain when dismembered as a child conceived in different circumstances. Pro-life groups typically support bills with rape/incest exceptions not because they believe children of rape or incest are any less human but because they understand current political reality--that it's better to save some lives when pushing for purity could result in saving none.

Source: David French column on ACLJ.org, "Late term abortions" , Feb 1, 2015

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