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Engage jihadists and roll back ISIS's most dramatic gains

There is no doubt about where the staff writer for National Review stands on a host of issues central to the heart of the conservative wing of the Republican Party.
Source: Politico.com on 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jun 1, 2016

Stop responding to Iranian nukes with fear and timidity

One of the most puzzling aspects of America's relationship with Iran is the reality that--by rhetoric and conduct--the United States acts as if it fears Iran, while Iran behaves as if it has nothing to fear from the US. Iran commits repeated acts of war against the US, unlawfully holds our citizens and violates their human rights, wages proxy wars against us, and vows to destroy our close ally Israel. Yet we constantly respond to these provocations--if we respond at all--with fear and timidity, as if Iran is the greater power.

In the real world, we have the power to end their nuclear program at any time. In the real world, we have the power to collapse their economy without war. In the real world, Iran has by far the most to lose in any pre-nuclear confrontation. But that calculus changes if and when Iran gets the bomb. It would immediately present a true existential threat to Israel and the US.

The United States is the superpower in this confrontation. It's time we acted like it.

Source: David French column on ACLJ.org, "We're a superpower" , Mar 1, 2015

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