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Feminism is appalling stupidity backed by hysterical rage

French holds views about feminism that could anger some women voters. In November 2014, he took aim at modern feminism, calling it "appalling stupidity backed by hysterical rage." French also wrotes that feminism is "less a true 'women's movement' than the public face of hysterical leftist intolerance--combined, of course, with utterly bizarre (and bizarrely stupid) ideas."

French has also written about what he deems the "high cost of sexual license." In a May 2016 column, he wrote, "Indulging in sexual desire without considering the underlying virtue of the relationship or the morality of the desire itself is a recipe for human suffering--leading to the paradox where many of the most sexually-active people are the most heartbroken and most lonely. For those who understand biblical truth, the notion of slavery to sin is hardly new--and it turns out that redefining sin as freedom doesn't make the slavery or sorrow any less real."

Source: Time Magazine on 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jun 1, 2016

Don't treat "gender identity" as a protected class

The legal counterattack against the Obama administration's latest round of lawlessness is now under way. The administration directed publicly-funded colleges and schools to treat "gender identity" as a protected class under Title IX. Congress has never expanded Title IX or Title VII to include sexual orientation or gender identity as additional protected classes. Indeed, it has explicitly declined to do so. Moreover, the drafters of Title IX specifically and unequivocally indicated that it was not intended to prohibit schools and colleges from maintaining sex-segregated bathrooms and living facilities. Rather than persuading Congress and the American people that legal change was necessary, the administration attempted to circumvent constitutional process by executive fiat--without even bothering to go through the formality of a public notice-and-comment process. It just declared the change, and now seeks to enforce the change.
Source: David French column in National Review, "Transgender" , May 25, 2015

When identity politics rule, racism and polarization thrive

I can't recall the first time I heard the phrase "white male" hissed as if it were some form of particularly vile insult. I know it happened in law school, where it was used as a short-hand way of saying that I should be silent, that my views were not welcome. For those soaked in progressive identity politics, skin color was a stand-in for virtue. It was impossible for a black person to be racist; it was impossible for a white person not to be.

When identity politics rule, racism and polarization thrive. It is no coincidence that we are seeing a resurgence in outright white nationalism--embodied in the so-called alt-right--at the same time that America's leftist cultural elite are decisively rejecting Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that Americans be judged by the "content of their character" and not the color of their skin. When one side decides that skin color is a virtue, then--as sure as the sun rises in the east--the other side will eagerly agree.

Source: David French column in National Review, "Identity politics" , May 18, 2015

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