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Executive amnesty illegally let in 100,000 immigrants

A federal district judge blasted Department of Justice officials for misleading the court during the course of executive amnesty litigation, [writing in the court opinion] "this Court and opposing counsel were misled on multiple occasions[regarding] Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program and amending the DACA program."

In other words, the Obama administration launched its executive amnesty program behind the court's back, and lied about it-- ultimately granting lawful residence to more than 100,000 illegal immigrants until the court halted the program with an injunction. The Obama administration circumvented Congress by attempting mass-scale executive amnesty via memorandum, then its lawyers attempted to circumvent judicial accountability by lying to a federal judge. And through it all, the administration and its defenders are unashamed--because, after all, when it comes to matters of social justice, the ends justify the means.

Source: David French column in National Review, "Executive amnesty" , May 19, 2015

No path to citizenship, no touchback-amnesty

What about the areas where Trump fans argue that he'd clearly be better than Clinton? On immigration, we know what she'd do--try to enact a path to citizenship, and appoint the standard-issue leftist legal technocrats to the bench. How much better would Trump be? On immigration--aside from that big, beautiful wall, which is a pipe dream at best--he's all over the place. And his corporate record indicates that he's exactly the kind of "jobs Americans won't do" legal-immigration and touchback-amnesty advocate [requiring that illegals return home but then immediately re-apply for a legal visa] who would be all too willing to open the door so wide that no one would have to scale the wall.
Source: David French column in National Review, "Trump & Hillary" , Mar 29, 2015

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