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City Year modeled as domestic Peace Corps

In 1988, Alan co-founded City Year in Boston as a model domestic Peace Corps to engage young Americans of all backgrounds in a year of service in exchange for a stipend and an award to help them further their educations. Through his leadership and that of his colleagues, City Year grew from 50 corps members and a budget of $200,000 to more than 1,000 corps members in 16 cities across America and in Johannesburg, South Africa, serving more than 75,000 children with a budget of $46 million. Over the past two decades, City Year has inspired more than 12,500 young Americans to give a year of their lives to their communities, and participants have contributed more than 20 million hours of service, and tutored and mentored more than a million children. After visiting City Year in 1991, Pres. Clinton was inspired to use it as a model for AmeriCorps, established in 1993, which has engaged 575,000 Americans who have contributed more than 700 million hours of service.
Source: Campaign website, www.alanforsenate.com, "About" Oct 1, 2009

Crafted Serve America Act: community and faith-based service

As CEO of Be the Change, Inc., Alan worked closely with Senators Kennedy and Hatch and their staffs to craft and help enact the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act (signed into law by President Obama last April). This landmark legislation calls for the largest expansion of national service since FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps: an increase of AmeriCorps and other national service opportunities to 250,000 by 2017, a new social innovation fund and the creation of numerous programs and incentives to inspire Americans to volunteer together in community and faith-based service.

In 1991, Alan was appointed by President George H. W. Bush to the Commission on National and Community Service. He was confirmed by the Senate and served as a Vice-Chair of the Commission until 1993. Through his leadership in the service and non-profit entrepreneurship movements, he has worked with every Presidential administration since 1989: Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and President Obama.

Source: Campaign website, www.alanforsenate.com, "About" Oct 1, 2009

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