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Alan Khazei on Principles & Values


Would take a "big citizenship" approach to Washington

Khazei, the cofounder of City Year, a nonprofit organization that some compare to a domestic Peace Corps, said he would take a "big citizenship" approach to Washington and emphasize public service, schools, and the economy.
Source: Boston Globe coverage of 2009 MA Senate race Oct 13, 2009

Co-founder of City Year and Be the Change

Alan Khazei is a nonprofit leader and lifelong public servant. He is the co-founder of City Year, and the founder of Be the Change, Inc., two innovative nonprofits that have touched the lives of millions by inspiring Americans from all walks of life to unite in service and work to bring the American Dream within reach of every citizen. In 2006, US News and World Report named Alan one of America's 25 Best Leaders and the Boston Globe Magazine identified him as one of 11 Bostonians Changing the World.
Source: Campaign website,, "About" Oct 1, 2009

Heritage is Italian and Iranian; raised in Boston and NH

Alan has dedicated his life to the idea that nothing is more powerful than citizens from all backgrounds working side by side. His Italian-American mother, a trained nurse anesthetist, grew up in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. Alan's father, a surgeon, was born in Iran, studied in Switzerland, and immigrated to America in the 1950's seeking freedom and opportunity. Alan was born in Pittsburgh in 1961 and spent his early years in the Boston area, before moving with his family to Bedford, NH.
Source: Campaign website,, "About" Oct 1, 2009

Citizen-led, citizen-energized, & citizen-financed campaign

With hundreds of supporters cheering him on at Boston Common, City Year cofounder Alan Khazei officially announced his candidacy yesterday for the US Senate seat of Edward M. Kennedy, vowing to run a "citizen-led, citizen-energized, and citizen-financed" campaign.

"Some pundits will say I'm a good guy who's done a good thing, but I don't have a chance, because I don't have political experience," Khazei said. "And in one way, they'll be right: I don't have any experience in running up trillions of dollars in debt. I don't have any experience in the politics of division and distraction and destruction. They will say that I start behind in the money race, the horse race, the name ID race, and the ad wars. But that will all change very quickly because of you."

Source: Eric Moskowitz in Boston Globe, "Khazei enters race" Sep 25, 2009

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