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Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

At a forum titled "Politically Homeless," when asked by an attendee about the inability of independent candidates to compete financially with Republicans and Democrats, Orman's response earned him applause from the crowd: "Personally, I think we need a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United," he said, referring to a 2010 US Supreme Court ruling regarding campaign finance. Orman said the ruling "paralyzes our democracy."
Source: Topeka Capital Journal coverage of 2016 Kansas Senate race , Apr 8, 2015

Ban on PACs formed by congressional leaders

Orman recently proposed several reforms to campaign financing, including a ban on political action committees formed by congressional leaders and a ban on PAC donations from lobbyists to candidates.

Orman also called for a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which said corporations, labor unions and other groups have a First Amendment right to spend unlimited amounts on elections.

Roberts supports the Citizens United decision and recently tried to block consideration of a Senate proposal allowing limits on corporate campaign spending.

In the State Fair debate, Roberts said he supported "transparency" in campaign donations. "If people know where the money is coming from," he said, "I think that is the biggest reform we can make." Yet current law allows unlimited secret donations to social welfare organizations known by their 501(c)(4) section of the federal tax code. Roberts has not indicated any desire to eliminate those groups.

Source: The Kansas City Star on 2014 Kansas Senate race , Sep 19, 2014

12-year term limit for Congress

Term limits: Orman says he will serve no more than 12 years in the Senate if elected twice. He supports a constitutional amendment limiting congressional service to 12 years. Roberts has been in Congress since 1981. He opposes term limits.
Source: The Kansas City Star on 2014 Kansas Senate race , Sep 19, 2014

Ballot requirements hinder 3rd-party candidates

Q: How do current election laws affect independent candidates trying to launch campaigns in Kansas?

A: "The single greatest hurdle facing an independent candidate is getting the 5,000 signatures on the petition to allow his or her name to be on the ballot," Orman commented. "This is not imposed on party candidates."

"The single greatest hurdle facing an independent candidate is getting the 5,000 signatures to be on the ballot." Orman also stated the rules for this petition stipulate county- specific forms (there are 105 counties in Kansas) and the petition has to be signed in person with a witness--all of which makes the disallowance of signatures very easy.

Another major disadvantage to independents came in 1901 in Kansas with the passage of Antifusion Laws. Prior to this, according to Orman, third parties thrived [because] candidates could run under more than one party. Candidates could state that they were a Populist and a Republican (or any other combination).

Source: Independent Voter Project IVN.us on 2014 Kansas Senate race , Jun 30, 2014

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