Nicole Galloway on Abortion



Trusts women to make their own healthcare decisions

On abortion, Galloway has a well-documented dislike of HB 126, the new ban on abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy with no exceptions. Yet what does Galloway think abortion policy should be? Are any restrictions acceptable to her? Her campaign responds that "she trusts women to make their own healthcare decisions in consultation with their family, doctor, and faith," a phrase she's used several times before.
Source: St. Louis Magazine on 2020 Missouri gubernatorial race , Feb 8, 2020

Upset about Missouri's pro-life abortion position

Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway hints she is upset enough about the state's position on abortion rights she may run for governor next year. [Governor Mike Parson on Abortion is Solidly pro-life].

Galloway recently defended her incumbency in a statewide election and has not hitherto been seen as a prospective chief executive.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune on 2020 Missouri Gubernatorial race , Jun 8, 2019

Abortion ban gives new rights & opportunities to rapists

Missouri finds itself in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons again--this time, by giving new rights and opportunities to rapists. By signing House Bill 126, which bans abortions even in the case of rape, incest or human trafficking, Gov. Mike Parson has spoken loud and clear. He wants rapists in Missouri to have more power over their victims. A survivor of rape must accept that her attacker could have parental rights.
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Missouri voting record HB.126 , Jun 3, 2019

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