Stuart Starky on Immigration

Mandate English immersion in schools

Look at your neighborhood school before you vote in this election. If you feel as I do that that schools can be improved by mandating immersion programs for English Learners and funding a full day curriculum than please cast your vote for me and Senator Kerry on election day.
Source: Campaign website, www.starkyforsenate.com, "Issues" Oct 18, 2004

Immigrants were welcomed, not given a guest-worker program

Immigrants were told, "Welcome." They weren't given a guest-worker program. They weren't told they were going to be given this kind of job or that kind of job. They were told, "Welcome to the greatness of America." That needs to be the immigration policy of America again.
Source: AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004

Stricter enforcement on Canadian border

We must strengthen security on both our northern and southern border. I believe that the northern border deserves as much scrutiny as the southern border in the border security debate. Our federal government needs to boost the number of agents along the nearly 4,000 mile-long northern border.
Source: Campaign website StarkyForSenate.com, "On The Issues" Aug 12, 2004

Stricter enforcement on Mexican border

The influx of illegal immigration is a result of and a failed economy policy with Mexico. We need to work with Mexico to raise the living standard of its people at home and not to turn a blind eye as they cross illegally into America.

We need more federal resources along this border to address the humanitarian crisis created by the mass migration, to deter illegal smuggling and illegal paramilitary vigilante activity.

Source: Campaign website StarkyForSenate.com, "On The Issues" Aug 12, 2004

Voted NO on visas for skilled workers.

This bill expanded the Visa program for skilled workers.
Status: Bill Passed Y)78; N)20; NV)2
Reference: The American Competitiveness Act; Bill S. 1723 ; vote number 1998-141 on May 18, 1998

Voted YES on limit welfare for immigrants.

This amendment would have restored food stamp benefits to the children of legal immigrants
Status: Motion to Table Agreed to Y)59; N)41
Reference: Motion to table Kennedy Amdt #429; Bill S.947 ; vote number 1997-111 on Jun 24, 1997

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