Zane Lawhorn on Immigration

Republican Senate Challenger


Require immigrants to speak English & learn our customs

Immigrants should be required to learn to speak English. Which is the official language. They also should be expected to accept our customs and religious freedoms. Not convert just accept them as our way of life. ITS TIME to protect our land and limit immigration. Background checks should be mandatory and extensive. Rights should be limited based on the background check. Commit a crime in another country? Restrict or prevent their immigration. ITS TIME to protect OUR rights.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, www.zanelawhorn.com, “Issues” , Feb 22, 2006

Tax immigrants upon entering the US

Changes need to be made in how people immigrate to the United States. Immigrants should be charged a tax/fee upon entering the US. A tax would limit the number of immigrants that enter the country and it is only fair that they share in the tax burden. No one should be allowed to work in this country and not pay taxes.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, www.zanelawhorn.com, “Issues” , Feb 22, 2006

Require all immigrants to carry National ID Card

Position Statement: I support all immigrants having a National ID Card.

Description of Position: If done properly a national identification card would be beneficial. The question is, will it be done properly? What information would it contain? Who has access? Will it be secure? Too many questions to make an informed decision. But what I do support is a better identification system for foreigners here in the states. English. If immigrants want to come to our country then the least they should do is to learn our language and our customs including our religious preferences . Non-English speaking immigrants should be required to learn the English language and to pay the cost. The cost to our businesses and government to use multiple languages is un-necessary. Using one language will save enough money to put several thousand people to work. IT’S TIME to speak one language. English. ain’t it?

Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, www.zanelawhorn.com, “Issues” , Feb 22, 2006

Supports English as official language, opposes bilingualism

Position Statement: I believe English is the official language of the United States and that anyone who lives here should be required to learn our language.

Description of Position: Making this country bi-lingual or tri-lingual or multi-lingual is not productive. This country was established by one language, English. I don’t recall my school history books saying that the Declaration of Independence was written in 42,000 other languages so no one would be offended. It was written i

Source: , Feb 22, 2006

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