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Senate (107th Congress)

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SenatorsParty & StatusFormer Senators & Challengers

Richard Shelby   Republican Sr Senator
Jeff Sessions   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Susan Parker   Democrat Challenger 2002
Howell Heflin   Former Democrat Senator

Ted Stevens   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Frank Vondersaar   Democrat Challenger 2002
Lisa Murkowski   Republican Jr Senator Frank Murkowski   Former Senator (became Governor in 2003)

John McCain   Republican Sr Senator
Jon Kyl   Republican Jr Senator Stuart Starky   Democrat Challenger 2000

Tim Hutchinson   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Mark Pryor   Democrat Challenger 2002
Blanche Lambert Lincoln   Democrat Jr Senator Dale Bumpers     Former Democrat Senator
David Pryor     Former Democrat Senator

Dianne Feinstein   Democrat Sr Senator Rep.Tom Campbell   Republican Challenger 2000
Gail Lightfoot     Libertarian Challenger 2000
Barbara Boxer   Democrat Jr Senator

Ben Nighthorse Campbell   Republican Sr Senator Hank Brown     Former Republican Senator
Wayne Allard   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Tom Strickland   Democrat Challenger 2002

Chris Dodd   Democrat Sr Senator
Joseph Lieberman   Democrat Jr Senator Philip Giordano   Republican Challenger 2000
Richard C. Green    Natural Law Challenger 2000

Joe Biden   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Ray Clatworthy   Republican Challenger 2002
Gov.Tom Carper   Democrat Jr Senator William Roth     Former Republican Senator

Bob Graham   Democrat Sr Senator
Rep.Bill Nelson   Democrat Jr Senator Connie Mack     Former Republican Senator
Rep.Bill McCollum   Republican Challenger 2000
Willie Logan     Independent Challenger 2000

Max Cleland   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Rep. Saxby Chambliss     Republican Challenger
Zell Miller   Democrat Jr Senator Sen.Mack Mattingly  Republican Challenger 2000
Paul Coverdell     Former Republican Senator
Sam Nunn     Former Democrat Senator

Daniel Akaka   Democrat Jr Senator Eugene Douglass   Republican Challenger
Daniel Inouye   Democrat Sr Senator

Larry Craig   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Alan Blinken   Democrat Challenger 2002
Michael Crapo   Republican Jr Senator Dirk Kempthorne     Former Republican Senator

Richard Durbin   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
James Durkin   Republican Challenger 2002
Peter Fitzgerald   Republican Jr Senator Carol Moseley-Braun     Former Democrat Senator
Paul Simon     Former Democrat Senator

Richard Lugar   Republican Sr Senator David Johnson   Democrat Challenger 2000
Evan Bayh   Democrat Jr Senator Daniel Coats     Former Republican Senator

Chuck Grassley   Republican Sr Senator
Tom Harkin   Democrat Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Rep. Greg Ganske   GOP Challenger

Sam Brownback   Republican Sr Senator Nancy Kassebaum     Former Republican Senator
Bob Dole     Former Republican Senator
Pat Roberts   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
  (No Democrat Challenger 2002)

Mitch McConnell   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Lois Combs Weinberg   Democrat Challenger 2002
Jim Bunning   Republican Jr Senator Wendell Ford     Former Democrat Senator

John Breaux   Democrat Sr Senator Bennett Johnston     Former Democrat Senator
Mary Landrieu   Democrat Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Rep. John Cooksey   GOP Challenger

Olympia Snowe   Republican Sr Senator William Cohen     Former Republican Senator
Mark Lawrence   Democrat Challenger 2000
Susan Collins   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Chellie Pingree   Democrat Challenger 2002

Paul Sarbanes   Democrat Sr Senator Paul Rappaport   Republican Challenger 2000
Barbara Mikulski   Democrat Jr Senator

Ted Kennedy   Democrat Sr Senator Jack Robinson   Republican Challenger 2000
Carla Howell     Libertarian Challenger 2000
Philip Lawler     Constitution Challenger 2000
John Kerry   Democrat Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
  (No Republican Challenger 2002)

Carl Levin   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski   Republican Challenger 2002
Debbie Stabenow   Democrat Jr Senator Spencer Abraham     Former Republican Senator

Paul Wellstone   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Norm Coleman   Republican Challenger 2002
Fritz Mondale   Democratic Challenger 2002
Mark Dayton   Democrat Jr Senator Rod Grams     Former Republican Senator

Thad Cochran   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
  (No Democrat Challenger 2002)
Trent Lott   Republican Jr Senator Troy Brown   Democrat Challenger 2000
Jim Giles     Independent Challenger 2000

Kit Bond   Republican Sr Senator
Jean Carnahan   Democrat Jr Senator John Ashcroft     Former Republican Senator
Mel Carnahan   Democrat Challenger 2000

Max Baucus   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Mike Taylor   Republican Challenger 2002
Conrad Burns   Republican Jr Senator Brian Schweitzer  Democrat Challenger 2000

Ben Nelson   Democrat Jr Senator Bob Kerrey     Former Democrat Senator
Jim Exon     Former Democrat Senator
Don Stenberg   Republican Challenger 2000
Chuck Hagel   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Charlie Matulka   Democrat Challenger 2002

Harry Reid   Democrat Sr Senator
Rep. John Ensign   Republican Jr Senator Richard Bryan     Former Democrat Senator
Ed Bernstein   Democrat Challenger 2000

New Hampshire
Bob Smith   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Gov. Jeanne Shaheen     2002 Democrat challenger
Rep. John Sununu     2002 Republican challenger
Judd Gregg   Republican Jr Senator

New Jersey
Bob Torricelli   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Douglas Forrester   Republican Challenger 2002
Jon Corzine   Democrat Jr Senator Rep. Robert Franks   Republican Challenger 2000
Frank Lautenberg     Former Democrat Senator
Bill Bradley     Former Democrat Senator

New Mexico
Pete Domenici   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Gloria Tristani   Democrat Challenger 2002
Jeff Bingaman   Democrat Jr Senator William Redmond   Republican Challenger 2000

New York
Charles Schumer   Democrat Sr Senator Al D'Amato     Former Republican Senator
Hillary Clinton   Democrat Jr Senator Pat Moynihan   Former Democrat Senator
Rep. Rick Lazio   Republican Challenger 2000
Mayor Rudy Giuliani   Republican Challenger 2000
Louis Wein   Constitution Challenger 2000

North Carolina
Jesse Helms   Republican Sr Senator
Retiring 2002
Elizabeth Dole     2002 Republican candidate
Erskine Bowles     2002 Democratic candidate
John Edwards   Democrat Jr Senator Lauch Faircloth     Former Republican Senator

North Dakota
Kent Conrad   Democrat Sr Senator Duane Sand   Republican Challenger 2000
Byron Dorgan   Democrat Jr Senator

George Voinovich   Republican Jr Senator
Mike DeWine   Republican Sr Senator John Glenn     Former Democrat Senator
Ted Celeste   Democrat Challenger 2000
John McAlister     Libertarian Challenger 2000

Don Nickles   Republican Sr Senator
James Inhofe   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Gov. David Walters     Democratic nominee for Senate and former Governor

Ron Wyden   Democrat Sr Senator Mark Hatfield     Former Republican Senator
Gordon Harold Smith   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Bill Bradbury   Democrat Challenger 2002

Arlen Specter   Republican Sr Senator
Rick Santorum   Republican Jr Senator Rep.Ron Klink   Democrat Challenger 2000

Rhode Island
Jack Reed   Democrat Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Bob Tingle   Republican Challenger 2002
Lincoln Chafee   Republican Jr Senator John Chafee     Former Republican Senator
Claiborne Pell     Former Democrat Senator
Rep.Robert Weygand   Democrat Challenger 2000

South Carolina
Strom Thurmond   Republican Sr Senator
Retiring 2002
Rep.Lindsey Graham   Republican primary Candidate 2002
Alex Sanders   Democrat primary Candidate 2002
Fritz Hollings   Democrat Jr Senator

South Dakota
Tom Daschle   Democrat Sr Senator Larry Pressler     Former Republican Senator
Tim Johnson   Democrat Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Rep. John Thune    GOP challenger

Fred Thompson   Republican Sr Senator
Retiring, 2002
Gov. Lamar Alexander (Former Republican Governor)
Rep. Ed Bryant (Republican House member)
Rep. Bob Clement (Democratic House member)
Rep. Harold Ford (Democratic House member)
Bill Frist   Republican Jr Senator Jeff Clark   Democrat Challenger 2000
Tom Burrell     Independent Challenger 2000
Charles Johnson     Independent Challenger 2000

Phil Gramm   Republican Sr Senator
Retiring 2002
Rep. Ken Bentsen   Democrat primary Challenger 2002
Ron Kirk   Democrat primary Challenger 2002
John Cornyn   Republican primary Challenger 2002
Kay Hutchison   Republican Jr Senator Gene Kelley   Democrat Challenger 2000
Mary Ruwart     Libertarian Challenger 2000

Orrin Hatch   Republican Sr Senator Scott Howell   Democrat Challenger 2000
Jim Dexter     Libertarian Challenger 2000
Robert Bennett   Republican Jr Senator

Patrick Leahy   Democrat Sr Senator
Jim Jeffords   Democrat Jr Senator
Elected as Republican, 2000
Ed Flanagan   Democrat Challenger

John Warner   Republican Sr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
  (No Democrat Challenger 2002)
Gov. George Allen   Republican Jr Senator Charles Robb     Former Democrat Senator

Patty Murray   Democrat Sr Senator
Maria Cantwell   Democrat Jr Senator Slade Gorton     Former Republican Senator
Kevin McKeigue     Independent Challenger 2000

West Virginia
Robert Byrd   Democrat Sr Senator
John Rockefeller   Democrat Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Jay Wolfe   Republican Challenger 2002

Herbert Kohl   Democrat Sr Senator John Gillespie   Republican Challenger 2000
Russell Feingold   Democrat Jr Senator

Craig Thomas   Republican Sr Senator Alan Simpson     Former Republican Senator
Mel Logan   Democrat Challenger 2000
Michael Enzi   Republican Jr Senator
Up for re-election, 2002
Joyce Jansa Corcoran   Democrat Challenger 2002


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