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Family taught me faith and hard work leads to accomplishment

I come from a neighborhood in Shreveport called Cedar Grove, and very often times were tough. My grandparents, my stepfather, and my brothers were always there to guide and support me. My mother worked multiple jobs so our family could make ends meet. Even when times were toughest, she never buckled under the pressure. As a family, we persisted, and they made me the man I am today by showing me that through faith and hard work, I could accomplish anything.
Source: 2020 Louisiana Senate campaign website PerkinsForLA.com , Aug 18, 2020

Bring Louisiana values of service, honesty, courage to DC

Our nation is being ravaged by a deadly virus and an economic crisis that's only being compounded by the political games in Washington. Times like this call for leadership, and that's why I'm running for United States Senate. It's time to take our shared Louisiana values of service, honesty, and courage to Washington, D.C. It's time for Louisiana to have a Senator who isn't afraid to stand up to special interests and who will protect our health care, our jobs, and our kids' future.
Source: 2020 Louisiana Senate campaign website PerkinsForLA.com , Aug 18, 2020

Awarded Sam Cooke apology; posthumous Key to the City

Legendary singer Sam Cooke received a public apology for the racially motivated mistreatment he suffered in 1963 at the hands of hotel staff and law enforcement while performing in Shreveport. Perkins posthumously awarded the "King of Soul" the key to the city at the Let the Good Times Roll Festival. "I'm so honored that Mayor Perkins took the time to do the apology while I was performing at the festival," said the singer's daughter, Carla Cooke, accepting the honor on her father's behalf.
Source: The New York Post on 2020 Louisiana Senate race , Jun 24, 2020

Hosted online interfaith prayer service

Perkins is continuing his efforts to offer hope to the community during these uncertain times. Mayor Perkins will hold a second online Interfaith Prayer Service. Area faith leaders will give messages of encouragement from their respective traditions. The Mayor said there will also be a special guest that is sure to lift your spirits.
Source: The ArkLaTex Homepage on 2020 Louisiana Senate race , Apr 21, 2020

Launched run for mayor while at Harvard Law School

Perkins launched his run for mayor during his 3L year at HLS. He expected he would practice law. But the allure of going home proved too strong, particularly when his city was losing jobs and experiencing a high crime rate. He pointed to his life experience: the first African American class president at West Point, eight years serving in the Army, student government president at Harvard Law, and a deep history with and commitment to Shreveport. He won the election with 64% of the vote.
Source: Harvard Law Today on 2020 Louisiana Senate race , Jul 30, 2019

Welcomes pastors praying during protest over police violence

How to use the momentum to make changes in Shreveport in terms of race, Perkins said, a great first step would be to support the protesters who would love to have all the pastors come out and pray over the vigil. "These are some brave souls who are risking their lives by going out and demonstrating," Perkins said of the protesters. "How much of a humane act is it to just come out and pray for people? Things like that go a very long way in reconciling."
Source: The Shreveport Times on 2020 Louisiana Senate race ,

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