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Close Wall Street's hedge fund loophole

Murphy said, "Bysiewicz seems to have found religion on Wall Street reform in the last year and a half and mercilessly attacks me for taking contributions from the exact same groups she's taken contributions from."

Bysiewicz continued hammering Murphy on what has been one of her main lines of attack throughout the campaign: That he has failed to stand up to powerful Wall Street interests because he has accepted campaign contributions from big Wall Street firms. "You've taken thousands of dollars in PAC money from all the bad actors in the financial crisis," she said, "and then you vote to keep the hedge fund loophole open. It seems to me there's a connection there."

But Murphy accused her of "hypocrisy" and said she, too, has accepted Wall Street money. "Secretary Bysiewicz seems to have a problem with the contributions that I've taken but when she takes contributions she doesn't seem to have a problem with those," he said, saying her stance smacks of a "political double standard."

Source: Hartford Courant on 2012 CT Senate debate , May 24, 2012

Hold Wall Street accountable and end corporate welfare

Bysiewicz describes herself as a fighter for small businesses in Connecticut, for making clean energy affordable and--above all--for the middle class.

She says she wants to see an end to the war in Afghanistan and an end to what she calls corporate welfare; she seeks to fight for immigration reform and she intends to hold Wall Street accountable for "this huge mess" the country is in, according to a recent interview with The New Haven Register.

Source: New Haven Register on 2012 CT Senate debate , May 23, 2012

End corporate welfare & Bush tax cuts for wealthy

The middle class is facing an economic calamity in America, and corporate special interests, Wall Street and their Republican allies are what's holding them back and standing in the way of getting them the help they need. It's time that Congress listened to the middle class and held Wall Street and the corporate special interests accountable.
  1. Make Wall Street pay back the money they cost the middle class and help homeowners crushed by mortgage debt
  2. End corporate welfare and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy
  3. Have real reform in Washington. Specifically that means no more earmarks, no gifts from lobbyists, and non-partisan Congressional districts
  4. Require utility companies to buy clean American Energy
  5. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and reduce our troop levels in Europe and Japan
  6. Ensuring that there is a path to citizenship.
I join Susan Bysiewicz to hold Wall Street, Corporate Special Interests, and Washington Accountable.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, www.susanforct.com, "Petition" , Apr 28, 2012

Too few politicians fail to take on Wall Street

U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy and state Rep. William Tong were complimentary towards retiring Senator Joe Lieberman. Political newcomer Matthew Oakes said it was better for Connecticut that Lieberman was stepping down. Former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, said too few politicians fail to take on Wall Street but didn't mention Lieberman by name in her answer. Bysiewicz said simply that lawmakers need to hold Wall Street accountable "and very few have done that in Washington."
Source: Hartford Courant on 2012 CT Senate Debate , Apr 15, 2012

End preferential tax treatment for hedge fund gains

Bysiewicz, as she has done numerous times in the past few weeks, continued to criticize Murphy for his May 28, 2010, vote against fixing the low tax rate on hedge fund gains.

Murphy said he previously voted to change the rate, but did not on that particular occasion for cost reasons. "She has suggested over and over again that I oppose ending the preferential tax treatment for carried interest. It is not true. I have voted three separate times to end that loophole," Murphy said.

Source: New Haven Register on 2012 CT Senate debate , Mar 3, 2012

Use fees on selling securities to help under-water mortgages

Bysiewicz emphasized her proposed transactional fee on the sale of securities to help those whose mortgages are under water, while Tong agreed that fixing the housing market and saving people's homes has to be done for the economy to turn around. He said a plan he authored in the state assembly, which has helped 10,000 homeowners, shows he has the knowledge of how to get things done. "We can't grow this economy until we get past this mortgage crisis," Tong said.
Source: New Haven Register on 2012 CT Senate debate , Mar 3, 2012

Small businesses are CT's economic engine

Susan knows that small businesses will lead the state's and the country's economic recovery. Small businesses are our nation's jobs and innovation engine, and Susan will fight to support them by cutting red tape, simplifying the tax code and making sure they have the resources they need to thrive.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, www.susanforct.com, "Issues" , Jan 23, 2012

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