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Second Bush-Gore debate, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Oct. 11, 2000

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Civil Rights
    George W. Bush: Bush claims gay tolerance but record differs.
    Al Gore: Find some way for civic union; but not gay marriage.
    Al Gore: Hate crimes stigmatize whole groups; enforce as civil rights.
    Al Gore: First civil rights act will ban racial profiling.
    George W. Bush: Local control with consequences if racial profiling occurs.
    George W. Bush: Tolerance & equal rights, not gay marriage & special rights.
    George W. Bush: Ignored Byrd hate crime bill despite plea by Byrd’s family.
    Al Gore: National hate crimes law is needed, absolutely.
    George W. Bush: National hate crimes law OK, stricter enforcement better.
    George W. Bush: Death penalty for hate crimes like any other murder.
Energy & Oil
    George W. Bush: Ignores scientific consensus:pollution causes global warming.
    Al Gore: Carbon dioxide causes global warming and we should act.
    George W. Bush: Scientists are unsure about global warming.
    George W. Bush: Kyoto Treaty puts too much burden on US.
    Al Gore: A clean environment and a healthy economy do not conflict.
    Al Gore: Incentives for technology; but no voluntary regulations.
    George W. Bush: Federal standards+local collaboration; no command & control.
    George W. Bush: Work in partnership with states and landowners.
Families & Children
    George W. Bush: Solution to Columbine: Love your neighbor like yourself.
Foreign Policy
    George W. Bush: Bush says get out of Haiti; we’re already out.
    Al Gore: Chernomyrdin Commission produced results despite corruption.
    George W. Bush: Chernomyrdin Commission: Gore ignored corruption.
    George W. Bush: Chernomyrdin threatens to sue Bush for slander re corruption.
    Al Gore: Supported force in Mideast, Balkans, Haiti, not Somalia.
    Al Gore: The world is looking to US for leadership.
    Al Gore: The power of example is America’s greatest power.
    Al Gore: Rwandan genocide: no military, but more humanitarian aid.
    Al Gore: Haiti: Intervention gave them a chance at democracy.
    George W. Bush: Supported force in Mideast & Balkans, not Haiti & Somalia.
    George W. Bush: Calls on Arafat to pull back and make peace with Israel.
    George W. Bush: Aid should encourage markets & reform; unlike Russian IMF.
    George W. Bush: US should humbly empower other countries, not dictate.
    George W. Bush: America should be a humble nation, but project strength.
    George W. Bush: Rwandan genocide: Training troops OK; intervening not OK.
    George W. Bush: Africa’s important but not a priority; no nation-building.
    George W. Bush: Keep troops in Korea & NATO; not in Haiti & Balkans.
Gun Control
    Al Gore: Restrict guns from wrong hands, not sportsmen & homeowners.
    Al Gore: Gun licensing by states, but no registration.
    George W. Bush: First, enforce the law; then keep guns from wrong people.
Health Care
    George W. Bush: $3.5B of Bush’s $4.7B on uninsured is from private sources.
    Al Gore: Wants some form of non-government universal health care.
    Al Gore: Claims Bush puts Texas oil interests before healthy children.
    George W. Bush: Texas spent $4.7B on uninsured & covered 110,000 kids.
    George W. Bush: Link small businesses together in large insurance pools.
    George W. Bush: $4.7B for uninsured children in Texas; 1.4M still uninsured.
Homeland Security
    Al Gore: Nation-building is part of world leadership.
    George W. Bush: Opposed Somalia intervention when it became nation-building.
Principles & Values
    Al Gore: Promises to get the big things right; sorry for exaggerating.
    George W. Bush: The president must have credibility; Gore doesn’t.
    George W. Bush: Put U.S. interests first and execute goals with good team.
War & Peace
    George W. Bush: Bush wants Europeans in Balkans; they’re already there.
    Al Gore: Genocide is a strategic interest & warrants intervention.
    Al Gore: Iraq: Support opposition to overthrow Saddam.
    Al Gore: US bonds with Israel endure; we should broker.
    George W. Bush: Iraq: Rebuild coalition to pressure Saddam.
    George W. Bush: Harming NATO is a strategic interest & warrants intervention.
    George W. Bush: Reach out to moderate Arab nations.
    George W. Bush: After U.S. victory, Europeans should keep peace in Serbia.
    George W. Bush: Replace US troops with European troops in Balkans.

The above quotations are from Second Bush-Gore debate, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Oct. 11, 2000.

All material copyright 1999-2022
by Jesse Gordon and OnTheIssues.org
Reprinting by permission only.

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