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Innovation is what drives country forward, not regulation

I believe strongly that the federal government overreaches in so many different areas. Many of these other things that presidential candidates and the current administration get dragged into really belong not just to the states. If we're going to be a country of freedom and liberty, then we need to make sure that we're focused on innovation. That's what's driven our country forward, not regulation, not coming up with a rule that tries to inject a viewpoint on everything.
Source: CNN interviews on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Jun 25, 2023

Innovation over regulation is how you solve challenges

The economy needs to be the absolute top priority. It's the main thing. A strong American economy propels everything else and is the key to unlocking the best of America. Innovation has always been America's best weapon. Innovation over regulation is how you solve the challenges we face today. Regulation looks backward and innovation looks towards the future. It's provided an opportunity for a better life to Americans willing to reach for it. All that is now at risk.
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website DougBurgum.com , Jun 14, 2023

We need Farm Freedom legislation, and we need it now!

Other states, like South Dakota, have carve-outs in their family farming laws that smartly allow nonrelated parties to pool capital for animal agriculture operations like feeding livestock and poultry, operating a dairy and for pork production. Let's allow animal agriculture to flourish in North Dakota once again. We need Farm Freedom legislation, and we need it now!
Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the N.D. legislature , Jan 3, 2023

Make it easier, not harder, to come work in North Dakota

Over the next year, our administration will continue to work with businesses, associations, and licensing boards to cut red tape. We can and must be dedicated to creating the most open and transferable occupational licensing system in the nation. We have to make it easier. Easiest would be great. We have to make it easier, not harder, to come work in North Dakota than other states. Flexibility will not completely solve our workforce challenges, but it'll make a big dent.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to North Dakota legislature , Feb 16, 2022

One-stop reporting for hazardous spills helps state respond

We can streamline processes to provide better service and increased transparency such as the new Unified Spill Reporting System. The result is a simplified one-stop reporting system for hazardous materials spills, eliminating the need for producers and the public to report spills to sometimes three or four different state agencies. Through increased collaboration and unified reporting, our state agencies are now better prepared to protect North Dakota's water, air and soil.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to North Dakota legislature , Jan 5, 2021

Online state services should work like consumer sites

A positive experience online is important for people that are living in the state regardless of age. Today that experience is you go to 187 different sites. One of the things that we have to do is to reinvent the online experience, to match the consumer experiences that all of you have, which is you go to places and when you go back, they know who you are you shouldn't have to be re-entering your credit card information dozens of times every time you interact with the State of North Dakota.
Source: 2020 North Dakota State of the State address , Jan 29, 2020

Veto $5,000 limits on executive branch bonuses

Gov. Doug Burgum's first use of his veto powers might also result in the first time he's overruled by lawmakers. HB 1153, a response to what many saw as exorbitant bonuses issued by former Gov. Jack Dalrymple, would have limited future executive branch bonuses to $5,000. Burgum vetoed the bill, saying it "violates the constitutional exercise of executive authority to manage state agencies."

Lawmakers could overturn his veto. It takes just a two-thirds vote in each chamber to do so. This bill passed 91-1 in the House and 36-10 in the Senate. Lawmakers were peeved when Burgum railed against an alleged "good old boys" club in Bismarck. They might see this as their opportunity for a bit of revenge.

Follow-up: House lawmakers voted 84-7 to override the Governor on House Bill 1153 on March 29. The Senate failed to override Gov. Burgum's veto on March 30, with 13 of 47 senators voting to override the veto.

Source: Grand Forks Herald on North Dakota voting record HB 1153 , Mar 29, 2017

Pledge to support term limits

Source: 2016 North Dakota governor campaign website DougBurgum.com , Feb 2, 2016

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