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Goal is to be first state with 100% broadband access

We continue to make strides toward our goal of becoming the first state in the nation to reach 100% access to fast, reliable broadband. Of the funds allocated from the American Rescue Plan Act for broadband grants, there are projects proposed to install 1,100 miles of fiber connecting 2,150 unserved and underserved addresses across the state.
Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the N.D. legislature , Jan 3, 2023

Adopt computer and cyber science graduation standards

Cyberattacks, ransom attacks, all too common these days. It makes cybersecurity education more important than ever. We can and should be the first state in the nation to adopt computer and cyber science graduation standards for everybody in K-12 through college, through graduate school. Our PK20W initiative, which reflects every student from kindergarten through Ph.D., has already won awards for its statewide approach to computer science and cyber education in workforce training.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to North Dakota legislature , Feb 16, 2022

Essential to invest in protecting the data of our citizens

We can provide citizen-focused service by investing in IT to replace or upgrade our three severely antiquated mainframes, which in one now well-publicized case forced us to hire programmers from Latvia because no one else in the world still worked with systems that old. And given the persistent threat of foreign national cyberattacks, such as the current SolarWinds attack, it's essential that we make investments to protect the data of our citizens.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to North Dakota legislature , Jan 5, 2021

Technology has ensured abundant food and energy

When I was in high school, I was told two things. We were going to run out of food and we were going to run out of energy. Those were two things that got talked about every day, all the time. Running out of energy, running out of food. Mass starvation on the planet, we won't be able to feed everybody. It turned out that was not true. It turned out it was actually the opposite because we've got an abundance of food, abundance of energy, and the reason we do is because of the application of technology.
Source: 2020 North Dakota State of the State address , Jan 29, 2020

State-sponsored cyber terrorists are at war with us

If you think about the world at war, the world is at war and we're at war and who's on the front lines? The state, cities, counties are on the front line because every single day there are state-sponsored cyber terrorists that attack our state. These are thousands and thousands of attacks a day. The legislature stepped up, $15 million to enhance the state's cyber networks and defenses against this.
Source: 2020 North Dakota State of the State address , Jan 29, 2020

$1.5B for roads, water projects, & airport infrastructure

Past governors and legislatures have established a legacy of strong investments in infrastructure. We aim to build on that legacy, proposing nearly $1.5 billion for roads--essential water projects--and airport infrastructure--as well as the $174 million for technology investments.

With the Legacy Fund, we have an opportunity to create a new kind of infrastructure legacy. Infrastructure is a top priority for our administration, and this is the largest piece of our plan for Legacy Fund earnings.

By investing $55 million into an infrastructure revolving loan fund, we can leverage an estimated $370 million in borrowing power. Imagine--a source of super low-interest loans for local political subdivisions to support everything from street paving and sewer replacement--to flood control projects and water treatment plants. Our communities will benefit for generations to come.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature , Jan 3, 2019

USMCA trade deal protects intellectual property rights

Innovation flourishes in America because we protect our creators. Copyright laws and intellectual property rights ensure that our creators can commercialize and profit from their ideas as they share them with the world. We often share our innovation with the world, however-- this sharing creates a risk that our ideas will be stolen by bad actors. The USMCA offers protections for our creators, so that they will continue to benefit when they share with other peoples and nations.
Source: Fargo-Moorhead Forum on 2020 North Dakota gubernatorial race , Dec 19, 2018

Main Street Initiative: use existing infrastructure fully

Burgum advocated for a shift away from the state's property tax buydown program and for long-term property tax reform by reducing the cost of local government. His Main Street Initiative will focus on utilizing existing infrastructure to its fullest potential to reduce costs and create vibrant, healthy cities, he said. As part of that effort, Burgum said he will partner with mayors to ensure they have the tools, programs and empowerment they need for smart, healthy growth.
Source: Press release on 2017 North Dakota State of the State speech , Feb 8, 2017

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