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2008 presidential debates

GOP in S.C.
Republican debate, May 15 2007

GOP in Calif.
Republican debate, May 3 2007

Dems in S.C.
Democratic debate, Apr.26 2007

Dems on MoveOn
Democratic forum, Apr.10 2007

Meet the Candidates
Dems & GOP Interviews, Jan.-June 2007

Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates

Bill Clinton
Between Hope and History

Hillary Clinton
Hillary's Choice

Newt Gingrich
To Renew America

Al Gore
Earth in the Balance

John McCain
Faith of My Fathers


Florida races

Doing the Right Thing

Biography of Janet Reno, by Paul Anderson

Profiles in Character
by Jeb Bush & B.Yablonski

Gubernatorial races in the news

Do I Stand Alone?
by Jesse Ventura, Independent incumbent for Minnesota Governor

The Future of Success:
Working and Living in the New Economy

by Robert Reich, Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Governor

Senate 2002: races in the news

The Doles: Unlimited Partners
by Bob & Elizabeth Dole
(Candidate for NC Senate)

Nine and Counting
The Women of the Senate

Written with Catherine Whitney

Senate 2000: Senators in the News

The Unique Voice of Hillary Clinton

In Praise of Public Life
by Sen. Joe Lieberman

House 2002: races in the news

It's About the Money!
by Rev. Jesse Jackson & Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D, IL)

An Even Better Place
by Dick Gephardt (House Minority Leader)

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