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2008 presidential debates

GOP in S.C.
Republican debate, May 15 2007

GOP in Calif.
Republican debate, May 3 2007

Dems in S.C.
Democratic debate, Apr.26 2007

Dems on MoveOn
Democratic forum, Apr.10 2007

Meet the Candidates
Dems & GOP Interviews, Jan.-June 2007

Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates

Bill Clinton
Between Hope and History

Hillary Clinton
Hillary's Choice

Newt Gingrich
To Renew America

Al Gore
Earth in the Balance

John McCain
Faith of My Fathers


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George W. Bush
A Charge To Keep

Al Gore
Earth in the Balance

Ralph Nader
Cutting Corporate Welfare

Pat Buchanan
A Republic, Not an Empire
Florida Recount of the Presidential Election Excerpts from the campaigns, the Florida Supreme Court, and other sources Nov.-Dec. 2000
Presidential debate at Washington University, St. Louis MO Bush & Gore on health care & tax cuts Oct. 17, 2000
Presidential debate at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC Bush & Gore on foreign policy & hate crimes Oct. 11, 2000
Vice Presidential debate in Kentucky Cheney & Lieberman on Arctic oil & RU-486 Oct. 5, 2000
Presidential debate in Boston, MA Bush & Gore on RU-486 & Milosevic Oct. 3, 2000
Third-party presidential debate Nader & Buchanan debate on Meet the Press Oct. 1, 2000

Gore's 191-page Budget Plan:
Prosperity for America's Families

Bush's 16-page Budget Plan:
Blueprint for the Middle Class
Real Plans for Real People

Gore's 74-page Health Plan:
Medicare at a Crossroads

Bush's 230-page Policy Outline:
Renewing America's Purpose
Third-party presidential debate Browne, Hagelin, & Phillips debate on Meet the Press Oct. 22, 2000
Issues2000's interview with Harry Browne's campaign "A Browne presidency would include a lot of vetoes" Aug. 9, 2000
GOP debate in Los Angeles, CA
(McCain's last debate)
Bush on Bob Jones; McCain on "Iron Triangle";
Keyes on "Why I'm Here"
March 2, 2000
Democrat debate in Los Angeles, CA
(Bradley's last debate)
Gore & Bradley on "racial profiling" and the Christian Right. March 1, 2000
Democrat debate in Harlem, NYC Bradley: Gore was a "conservative Congressman"
and does "Gore Dance" to avoid discussing it
Feb. 21, 2000
GOP Debate on the Larry King Show (without Bauer & Forbes) McCain on Bob Jones University's inter-racial dating ban: "Idiotic and cruel" Feb. 15, 2000
Issues2000's interview with Harry Browne Great Libertarian Offer: Give up your favorite program & end income tax Jan. 27, 2000

Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future

John McCain
Faith of My Fathers

Joe Lieberman
In Praise of Public Life

Bill Bradley
Time Present, Time Past
Democrat debate in Manchester, NH Gore: "I have always supported Roe v.Wade"
Bradley:"Al, that's not true."
Jan. 26, 2000
Republican debate in Manchester, NH (without Hatch) Keyes & McCain: "Family conference" on abortion? Jan. 26, 2000
Democrat debate in Des Moines, Iowa On removing the South Carolina Confederate flag Jan. 17, 2000
Republican debate in Johnston, Iowa On Ten Commandments in schools;
and on Family Farms
Jan. 16, 2000
Republican debate at Calvin College, Grand Rapids MI Bush: "I'm a tax-cutting person"
Others on AIDS in Africa
Jan. 10, 2000
Candidate questionnaire on children's issues Survey by the National Association of Children's Hospitals Jan. 9, 2000
Democrat debate in Johnston, Iowa Bradley: "Money distorts the democratic process" Jan. 8, 2000
Republican debate in West Columbia, South Carolina On exporting US farm products;
and on a tax-free Internet
Jan. 7, 2000
Republican debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham Bush:"Jesus is how I live my life"
Others on gays in the military
Jan. 6, 2000
Democrat debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham On religion in politics;
and on logging the White Mt National Forest
Jan. 5, 2000

Steve Forbes
A New Birth of Freedom
Vision for America

Ralph Nader
The Concord Principles

Harry Browne
The Great Libertarian Offer

Al Gore
Common Sense Government
Democrat Town Hall Meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire On capping Medicaid at $150 Dec. 18, 1999
Joint interview with Bradley & McCain On Campaign Finance Reform Dec. 16, 1999
Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa On ethanol subsidies & HMO review Dec. 13, 1999
Republican debate in Phoenix, Arizona Keyes: Campaign finance is "incumbency protection"; Others on China in WTO Dec. 7, 1999
Republican debate in New Hampshire (with Bush) Bauer: "I canít imagine a senior citizen fearing my plan"; and others on Social Security Dec. 3, 1999
Republican debate at Dartmouth University (without Bush) McCain:"Just say no" to drugs;
Bauer:"Say no" to bureaucrats
Oct. 29, 1999
Democrat debate at Dartmouth University Gore: "I want to fight for you." And Gore defending his actions in Monicagate. Oct. 28, 1999

Pat Buchanan
The Great Betrayal

Harry Browne
Why Government Doesn't Work

Inventing Al Gore
by Bill Turque

Donald Trump
The America We Deserve

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