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OpEd: His company moved 3,000 jobs to Mexico

Foley said that Gov. Malloy "did run this state into a ditch. You've broken this economy." The governor was unbowed. Capitalizing on an opportunity to highlight the callous corporate maneuvers that he has said characterized Foley's career as a private-equity manager, Malloy cast his opponent as out of touch with ordinary residents: "I didn't lose 3,000 jobs on a company that I owned," Malloy said. "I didn't move jobs to Mexico. I don't own a $10 million house and a $5 million boat and a $1 million plane and not pay taxes in the state of Connecticut. That's not who I am."

Complaining about what he called overly generous state investments in corporations during Malloy's tenure, Foley said, "The idea of the governor and his staff negotiating with a very sophisticated group of businesspeople--I'm a little worried for Connecticut taxpayers."

Foley listed corporations he said had eliminated jobs in Connecticut over the last three and a half years.

Source: N. Y. Times on 2014 Connecticut Gubernatorial debate , Oct 17, 2014

Raise minimum wage nationally, but focus on jobs in CT

The minimum wage is a fairness issue, so I support raising the minimum wage nationally to help people who struggle the most to earn a living. But Connecticut's problem isn't the minimum wage. Connecticut's problem is that far too many people, particularly young minorities in our cities, have no job at all. The job of a governor is to support policies and create an environment where high value added jobs, not minimum wage jobs, are available for everyone who wants one.

Governor Malloy hasn't done that with his huge tax increase and other policies that have cost us jobs and hurt working families. I am running for governor because I want to turn that around. I want everyone in Connecticut to have a job that pays much more than the minimum wage so workers can comfortably support themselves and their family and move on to even greater opportunities.

Source: 2014 Connecticut Governor campaign website, TomFoleyCT.com , Sep 1, 2014

Pledge not to change public employee collective bargaining

Tom Foley reiterated his pledge not to attempt any changes in collective bargaining rights for public employees, lay off state workers or ask that their contracts be reopened as he balances the budget, if he were to become governor.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate spoke to the 300 delegates to the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention, where he conceded his chances of an endorsement by the labor unions were slim.

Source: New Haven Register on 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race , Jun 16, 2014

Focus on developing industries with high job potential

Connecticut's unemployment rate rose to 8.9% in January. Businesses and our young people see more opportunity elsewhere and are migrating out of state at an alarming rate. We can change this. Connecticut is rated one of the least 'business friendly' states in the nation. Our legislature keeps piling new and costly mandates on businesses causing some to leave and others not to come here.

As Governor, I will focus on attracting new businesses with highly skilled, high paying jobs to Connecticut. I will have the Governor's office and our state development agencies focus on the seven industries already identified as having high potential for Connecticut. The industries include:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Highly Engineered Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Alternative Energy Research and Development and Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
    Source: 2010 Gubernatorial campaign website tomfoley2010.com, "Plan" , Oct 9, 2010

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