Art Small on Health Care

Supports single payer system with choice for all Americans

To heal our health care system, I support a universal health insurance system that would provide basic coverage to all Americans. A good model is the health insurance opportunity that members of Congress have provided for themselves: a single payer system, with choice. Such a system - essentially, a voucher program for health insurance - will extend health security to all Americans, while maintaining competition to assure that basic care is delivered cost-effectively.
Source: Campaign website, artsmallforsenate.com Jul 20, 2004

Vouchers for health care will shrink government role

Americans would be issued vouchers in the amount needed to cover basic health insurance. Small's plan will employ market competition between insurers and providers. It will not be socialized medicine. Government's role as a direct provider of health would actually be shrunk.
Source: Campaign website, artsmallforsenate.com Jul 20, 2004

Seniors deserve a break on prescription drugs

There's an American turning sixty every seven seconds in America. Don't seniors deserve a break? But under George Bush, prescription drug prices - up. Benefits - down. That's not compassionate conservatism. And Charles Grassley led the charge.
Source: Speech Written for Democratic District Conventions Apr 24, 2004

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