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OpEd: Medicare vouchers dwindle in value after 2021

Ryan proposed to get rid of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and eliminate Medicare as it has been known since 1965, starting with Americans who turn 65 years old in 2021. Until then, retired Americans would enjoy, as they do now, health care largely covered by public funds, even if they become very sick or disabled in old age. After that, older Americans would have to absorb thousands of dollars per year in higher costs because the Ryan plan would merely give them vouchers of dwindling value to try to buy something on the private market. Private insurance companies, needless to say, are not anxious to sell reasonably priced health plans to older people.
Source: The Remaking of Republican Conservatism, p.175 , Jan 2, 2012

Cared for grandmother dying of Alzheimers

My grandmother's death from Alzheimers, in my 20s, played a formative role in my life. At one family gathering my grandfather turned to me and said, "I don't know what I'll do without Grandmom. I don't know how I'll manage." It wasn't just the thought of losing her that was weighing on him. Caring for her was hard, and it was taking its toll. He didn't say as much but it was clear, so I said, "Grandpop, how about I spend the night and take care of Grandmom for you?" One of my aunts said, "No, honey. You don't have to." But this was something I wanted to do, something I needed to do. It was a milestone moment for me, to push this course of action. And it turned out to have a very calming, very reassuring effect on my grandfather. We stayed up talking, remembering, for a good long while.

As I set this down on paper I realize it might seem like such a tiny thing, but to me it was a pivotal moment. It was somewhat of a coming of age. It was taking responsibility, which can be a beautiful burden.

Source: Troublemaker, by Christine O`Donnell, first chapter , Aug 16, 2011

ObamaCare is insurance reform, not health care reform

Q: Under the new health care law, children now can stay on their parents' insurance policies until the age of 26. People can no longer be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Insurers are prohibited from rescinding coverage if a customer becomes sick and they can't impose any lifetime limits on essential benefits like hospital stays or expensive treatments. You say you want to repeal all of that?

O'DONNELL: No one is disputing that our health care system before ObamaCare didn't need reform. Those are very important things that are part of insurance reform, not health care reform. I want to fight to fully repeal that so that we can begin to enact real reform. And that real reform would include allowing policy portability when you change jobs allowing Delawareans to get policies across state lines. And I would also fight for some sort of tort reform.

COONS: I argue for extending & perfecting it rather than repealing. This was a critical piece of legislation.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Oct 13, 2010

1/4 of Democrats now oppose ObamaCare, as costs skyrocket

Q: Let's talk about the healthcare reform bill.

COONS: There are significant advances in this bill that allow us to make health care safer, stronger, more transparent. And if I've got a major concern about this bill, it's that we're going to reduce costs without squelching innovation.

O'DONNELL: You say that you're concerned about reducing costs, but reports have showed that this health care bill has caused costs to skyrocket.

COONS: I don't know what reports you're reading. I haven't seen reports that document that.

O'DONNELL: One out of four Democrats have gone on record saying that they oppose ObamaCare; they've realized that we made a bad mistake.

COONS: And three out of four Democrats strongly support it.

Q: You oppose the government mandating that everyone must purchase health insurance, is that right?

O'DONNELL: Yes, because we're confusing coverage with care. Our goal needs to be to make health care affordable.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Oct 13, 2010

ObamaCare puts Uncle Sam in the examination room

O'DONNELL: What ObamaCare does is it gives massive control over health care to Uncle Sam, who has no business coming in the examination room, coming between you and your doctor. And that's exactly what this bill does.

COONS: That's a great slogan. You toss it around everywhere you go. How does this bill actually put Uncle Sam in the examination room between doctors and patients?

O'DONNELL: It dictates what kind of treatment a doctor can and can't do, what kind it will fund.

COONS: So why did the organization that fights for and represents America's nurses, America's seniors, America's hospitals, and America's doctors, all endorse and support this bill?

O'DONNELL: Many of those branches on the state level, including here in Delaware, have said we don't support what the national office has done.

COONS: Christiana Care hosted a debate earlier today. I was sorry you chose not to join us. You're suggesting that they didn't support a bill they lobbied for.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Oct 13, 2010

Avoid ER expenses by cross-state catastrophic insurance

Q: Let's say someone decides not to purchase health insurance, even though this person can afford it, but decided he doesn't want to. This person gets critically ill, is rushed to an emergency room. Should we, people who pay for health insurance, provide treatment?

O'DONNELL: If we do the things that I'm proposing, that will help to address the issue of health care, then that person can afford to buy a catastrophic-only policy from across state lines.

Q: What if the person doesn't want to buy it?

O'DONNELL: Make them pay it. Hold them accountable for that.

Q: Before or after they get care?

O'DONNELL: Well, that's up to the hospital. But right now we're forcing them to. So this is something that we're already doing. You're talking about a very small hypothetical; using scare tactics to make people support this health care bill. What I'm proposing will help alleviate those situations. Nobody should be forced to pay for anyone else's health care, and that's what ObamaCare is doing.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Oct 13, 2010

Full repeal of invasive & intrusive healthcare law

Coons said he would work to implement the law "responsibly," noting that "while we implement healthcare, we have to contain costs without squelching innovation."

But O'Donnell called for the "full repeal" of the healthcare law, saying that "the federal government was never intended to be as invasive and intrusive into our lives as it is now."

The response elicited loud cheers from O'Donnell's supporters while garnering sustained boos from Coons backers.

Source: The Hill coverage of 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Sep 16, 2010

Defund, repeal, & replace federal care with free market.

O'Donnell signed the Contract From America

The Contract from America, clause 7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care:

Defund, repeal and replace the recently passed government-run health care with a system that actually makes health care and insurance more affordable by enabling

Source: The Contract From America 10-CFA07 on Jul 8, 2010

Repeal any federal health care takeover.

O'Donnell signed Club for Growth's "Repeal-It!" Pledge

The Club for Growth's "Repeal-It!" Pledge for candidates states, "I hereby pledge to the people of my district/state upon my election to the U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Senate, to sponsor and support legislation to repeal any federal health care takeover passed in 2010, and replace it with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government."

Source: Club for Growth's "Repeal-It!" Pledge 10-CfG-can on Jul 4, 2010

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