Asa Hutchinson on Immigration

Former Administrator of D.E.A.; former Republican Representative (AR-3)


Lethal force on border as needed; bring in Mexico as partner

Q: Suspected cartel members crossing into Texas with rifles--do you consider this an invasion? Would you authorize lethal force along that border?

HUTCHINSON: There would be lethal force used by the Border Patrol, law enforcement as needed to protect the border, absolutely. The military has to be used for intelligence-gathering purposes. When I was in the Bush administration, we went down there and met with President Vicente Fox of Mexico and asked his help on going after the cartels. And he looked at me and said, "they're a problem to us as well." And so we joined together, and we took down the Arellano-Felix brothers leading the Tijuana Cartel. Cooperation makes a difference. We cannot be successful going against the cartel unless we bring in Mexico as a partner. We have to use economic pressure to accomplish that. President Obrador has not been helpful, and we have to use economic pressure that this administration is not using. The rule of law has to matter on both sides of it.

Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee , Aug 23, 2023

Biden administration showing weakness along southern border

As a former Undersecretary of Homeland Security during the George W. Bush administration, I see what is happening along our southern border and recognize the severe lapse in leadership from the Biden-Harris administration. This administration is showing weakness every day, which jeopardizes the safety of our ranchers and families along the border and signals to the world that the United States is no longer interested in protecting our nation. We must send a different message--and we will!
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website Asa2024.com , May 2, 2023

Quickly remove those who come into our country illegally

Our nation is a land of immigrants who make up the fabric of our democracy. In order to respect those who follow the legal path to come to this country, we must reform our asylum laws; devote more resources to support our border patrol; quickly remove those who come into our country illegally; and go after the cartels who are killing Americans with the deadly drug fentanyl.
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign press release:Announcement speech , Apr 26, 2023

Pass border security first, then immigration reform

We have always tried before to pass border security with comprehensive immigration reform. We have to do simply a straightforward border security bill. That should be able to get through Congress in a bipartisan way that puts more resources for the Border Patrol for our immigration processing, for the security of our country. And that builds faith with the American public that we can have more comprehensive reform once we secure the border itself.
Source: CNN interviews on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Mar 5, 2023

Declared English the official language of the US.

Hutchinson co-sponsored declaring English the official language of the US



    The Congress finds and declares the following:
  1. The US is comprised of individuals and groups from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.
  2. The US has benefited and continues to benefit from this rich diversity.
  3. The common thread binding individuals of differing backgrounds has been a common language.
  4. The Federal Government should maintain a language common to all people.
  5. English has historically been the common language and the language of opportunity in the US.
  6. The purpose of this title is to help immigrants better assimilate and take full advantage of opportunities in the US.
  7. By learning the English language, immigrants will be empowered with the language skills and literacy necessary to become responsible citizens and productive workers in the US.
  8. The use of a single common language in conducting official business of the Federal Government will promote efficiency and fairness.
  9. English should be recognized in law as the language of official business of the Federal Government.
  10. Any monetary savings derived from the enactment of this title should be used for the teaching of the English language to non-English-speaking immigrants.
Source: English Language Empowerment Act (H.R.123) 99-HR0123 on Jan 6, 1999

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