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We're doing better than every other state in the nation

South Dakota is doing better than every other state in the nation because we have embraced conservative principles. I've often called our state small, more like a pilot project for conservative reforms to prove if they really do work. And we have proven that they do. Our people are thriving, our economy is growing, and the state has never been in a more stable fiscal situation. We have cut taxes, created jobs, and maximized opportunities.
Source: 2024 State of the State Address to South Dakota legislature , Jan 9, 2024

Our tribes are part of who we are as South Dakotans

We should respect every person as an individual; as an equal; as an American. Tomorrow, on State-Tribal Relations Day, we will advance an effort that I have been working on since I became governor. We will hang tribal flags in the Rotunda of this Capitol. Three years ago, I signed legislation allowing our state's nine Native American tribes to have their respective tribal flags hung in the Rotunda. Our tribes are part of who we are as South Dakotans, and we will respect their heritage.
Source: 2024 State of the State Address to South Dakota legislature , Jan 9, 2024

South Dakotans build the American Dream by working hard

We are number one in the nation for personal income growth over the past several years. That is how South Dakotans build the American Dream by working hard and earning more than they have before. We have the fastest growth of housing developments. We have the most family-owned businesses of any state. We have the most registered hunters per-capita of any state. And we were recognized for making the best decisions by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Common Cause explanation: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate lobbying group that brings together corporate lobbyists and politicians to draft and vote--as equals and behind closed doors--on "model bills" that often benefit the corporations' bottom line. These model bills, drafted without public input, are then introduced in state legislatures across the country, usually with ALEC's involvement concealed.

Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the S.D. legislature , Jan 10, 2023

I believe South Dakota is the freest state in the nation

I believe South Dakota is the freest state in the nation. We fight to defend our constitutional rights. We ensure that every South Dakotan has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our nation was built on Freedom--but our constitutional freedoms are under assault from Washington D.C. America needs South Dakota's example of how conservative policies and values make people's lives better. These policies bring success and hope.
Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the S.D. legislature , Jan 10, 2023

We're in the greatest nation in the history of the world

We live in the strongest and greatest nation in the history of the world. With that greatness comes unique challenges. But we aren't afraid of challenges. As President Harry S. Truman famously said, "America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand."
Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the S.D. legislature , Jan 10, 2023

America is the greatest country in human history

What do we want to save and keep for our kids and grandkids? We are saving and keeping the greatest country in human history. Our Founders built something the world had never seen before. They took the best of Western Civilization from Jerusalem to Athens to Rome to London. They brought together Faith, Reason, Law, and Representative Government. And in Philadelphia in 1787 they put all of that together to craft the Constitution of the United States of America.
Source: Speech at the 2022 CPAC Conference in Orlando FL , Feb 25, 2022

Better off than 95% of the world because you're in America

I need you to wake up happy. You woke up this morning in the United States of America. You are better off than 95% of the people in this world just because you woke up in this country. Be optimistic. Don't watch the news. It sucks. It really does. It's horrible. Be happy. People will be drawn to you by your optimism because we, as conservatives, are the only ones who really know what hope is.
Source: Speech transcript from 2021 CPAC Conference , Jul 11, 2021

We're exceptional; no American should apologize for that

Our founders had their thoughts, certainly, but to use their thoughts and condemn their ideals is both unjust and self-deceiving. How many of us can live up to our own ideals? If not for the words, beliefs, and sacrifices of those few, the world would not have a ringing example of true freedom. Freedom is better than tyranny. We are unique, are exceptional, and no American should ever apologize for that.
Source: Remarks by Gov. Noem at the 2021 CPAC Conference , Feb 27, 2021

COVID: no shutdowns, we stayed open the entire time

For those who have spent the last nine months shut down or locked up in other states, South Dakota is open. We have stayed open the entire time. And that's how we will operate for as long as I am Governor.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to South Dakota legislature , Jan 12, 2021

Leader of 4-H and Farm Service Agency

Source: Vote-USA.org on 2018 South Dakota Gubernatorial incumbents , Jan 11, 2018

Remember founding fathers' ideals or will lose freedom

As President Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for and protected." It's part of our duty to make sure our children appreciate the nature of the freedoms we enjoy--as well as how they were won through conflict and protected through the formation of a limited government. It would be if we do not engender in our children a love for country and the freedoms and liberties our founding fathers fought to carve out.
Source: 2011 House of Representatives press release, "Limited Govt" , Jul 5, 2011

Member of the Tea Party movement.

Noem is a member the Tea Party movement

The Tea Party movement is a populist conservative social movement in the United States that emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests. The protests were partially in response to several Federal laws: the stimulus package; te healthcare bill; and the TARP bailouts. The name `Tea Party` refers to the Boston Tea Party of 1773, the source of the phrase, `No Taxation Without Representation.`

Source: Tea Party movement 10-Tea on Aug 11, 2010

Member of the Republican Study Committee.

Noem is a member of the Republican Study Committee

Organizational Self-Description: The Republican Study Committee (RSC) has served as the conservative caucus of House Republicans and a leading influencer on the Right since its original founding in 1973. It exists to bring like-minded House members together to promote a strong, principled legislative agenda that will limit government, strengthen our national defense, boost America`s economy, preserve traditional values and balance our budget.

The RSC provides the tools and research that members of Congress need to craft and advance policies that will benefit the American people. It also provides a forum for like-minded members to join together to support common causes and challenge the status quo. By doing so, the RSC ensures that conservatives have a powerful voice on every issue coming before the House, whether it is the economy, health care, defense, social safety net reform, or Washington`s dangerous, out-of-control spending.

We believe that the appropriate role of a limited government is to protect liberty, opportunity, and security, and that it is the responsibility of this generation to preserve them for the next. We believe that more government is the problem, not the sol

Source: Republican Study Committee press release 16-RSC on Jan 1, 2016

Endorsed Endorsed by Donald Trump/MAGA after presidency.

Noem is endorsed by Trump/MAGA endorsement list

Endorsements by Donald Trump, implying support of Trump's agenda and electoral style. The phrase `Make America Great Again` was popularized in Trump`s 2015 book Time to Get Tough:Making America Great Again. It is the campaign slogan embroidered on the ubiquitous red caps seen at Trump rallies (which after Trump`s presidency, became known as `MAGA rallies`).

Source: Ballotpedia 2016-2022 endorsement list 2022-MAGA on Jan 1, 2022

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