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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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2023 Governor's State of the State speeches

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    from 2023 Governor's State of the State speeches (number of quotes indicated):
  • Andy Beshear (9) Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Bill Lee (10) Tennessee Republican Governor of Tennessee
  • Brad Little (7) Idaho Republican
  • Brian Kemp (6) Georgia Republican candidate for Governor
  • Chris Sununu (7) New Hampshire Republican Governor
  • Dan McKee (5) Rhode Island Democratic candidate for governor
  • Doug Burgum (8) North Dakota Republican Governor
  • Eric Holcomb (4) Indiana Republican candidate for Governor
  • Glenn Youngkin (11) Virginia Republican challenger for Governor
  • Greg Abbott (9) Texas Republican Governor
  • Greg Gianforte (8) Montana Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Gretchen Whitmer (11) Michigan Democratic Governor
  • Henry McMaster (9) South Carolina Republican
  • J.B. Pritzker (8) Illinois Democratic Illinois Governor
  • Janet Mills (7) Maine Democratic Maine Governor
  • Jared Polis (8) Colorado Democratic candidate for Colorado Governor
  • Jay Inslee (6) Washington Democratic Washington Governor
  • Jim Justice (6) West Virginia Democratic governor
  • Jim Pillen (9) Nebraska Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Joe Lombardo (10) Nevada Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • John Carney (4) Delaware Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Josh Green (9) Hawaii Democratic challenger for Governor
  • Kathy Hochul (8) New York Democratic Lt. Governor
  • Katie Hobbs (11) Arizona Democratic Challenger
  • Kevin Stitt (10) Oklahoma Republican Governor of Oklahoma
  • Kim Reynolds (7) Iowa Republican
  • Kristi Noem (10) South Dakota Republican
  • Laura Kelly (8) Kansas Democratic candidate for governor of Kansas
  • Mark Gordon (6) Wyoming Republican Governor of Wyoming
  • Michelle Lujan-Grisham (10) New Mexico Democrat
  • Mike DeWine (6) Ohio Republican candidate for Governor
  • Mike Dunleavy (5) Alaska Republican Governor of Alaska
  • Mike Parson (6) Missouri Republican governor of Missouri
  • Ned Lamont (6) Connecticut Democratic Governor
  • Phil Murphy (11) New Jersey Democratic 2021 Gubernatorial contender
  • Spencer Cox (8) Utah Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Tate Reeves (10) Mississippi Republican candidate for governor
  • Tony Evers (8) Wisconsin Democratic Governor of Wisconsin
  • Wes Moore (7) Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
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  • Louisiana 2023 State of the State Address, April 10, 2023 (Link)
  • Minnesota 2023 State of the State Address, April 10, 2023 (Link)
  • Pennsylvania 2023 State of the State Address, March 7, 2023 (Link)
  • Alabama 2023 State of the State Address, March 7, 2023 (Link)
  • North Carolina 2023 State of the State Address, March 6, 2023 (Link)
  • Texas 2023 State of the State Address, February 16, 2023 (Link)
  • Illinois 2023 Budget Address, February 15, 2023 (Link)
  • ISAC Illinois Student Assistance Commission, explanation of Illinois 2023 Budget Address, February 15, 2023 (Link)
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) Factsheet", explanation of Maine 2023 State of the Budget Address, February 14, 2023 (Link)
  • New Hampshire 2023 Budget Address, February 14, 2023 (Link)
  • Maine 2023 State of the Budget Address, February 14, 2023 (Link)
  • Oklahoma 2023 State of the State Address, February 6, 2023 (Link)
  • Tennessee 2023 State of the State Address, February 6, 2023 (Link)
  • Maryland 2023 State of the State Address, February 1, 2023 (Link)
  • Ohio 2023 State of the State Address, January 31, 2023 (Link)
  • Mississippi 2023 State of the State Address, January 30, 2023 (Link)
  • Montana 2023 State of the State Address, January 25, 2023 (Link)
  • South Carolina 2023 State of the State Address, January 25, 2023 (Link)
  • Georgia 2023 State of the State Address, January 25, 2023 (Link)
  • Nebraska 2023 State of the State Address, January 25, 2023 (Link)
  • Michigan 2023 State of the State Address, January 25, 2023 (Link)
  • Wisconsin 2023 State of the State FactCheck by CDC, downloaded January 25, 2023 (Link)
  • Wisconsin 2023 State of the State Address, January 24, 2023 (Link)
  • Kansas 2023 State of the State Address, January 24, 2023 (Link)
  • Nevada 2023 State of the State Address, January 23, 2023 (Link)
  • Hawai'i 2023 State of the State Address, January 23, 2023 (Link)
  • Alaska 2023 State of the State Address, January 23, 2023 (Link)
  • Utah 2023 State of the State Address, January 19, 2023 (Link)
  • Delaware 2023 State of the State Address, January 19, 2023 (Link)
  • Missouri 2023 State of the State Address, January 18, 2023 (Link)
  • New Mexico 2023 State of the State Address, January 17, 2023 (Link)
  • Rhode Island 2023 State of the State Address, January 17, 2023 (Link)
  • Colorado 2023 State of the State Address, January 17, 2023 (Link)
  • Virginia 2023 State of the Commonwealth Address, January 11, 2023 (Link)
  • West Virginia 2023 State of the State Address, January 11, 2023 (Link)
  • Wyoming 2023 State of the State Address, January 11, 2023 (Link)
  • South Dakota Common Cause explanation of ALEC program, downloaded Jan. 11, 2023 (Link)
  • South Dakota 2023 State of the State Address, January 10, 2023 (Link)
  • New Jersey 2023 State of the State Address, January 10, 2023 (Link)
  • Indiana 2023 State of the State Address, January 10, 2023 (Link)
  • Iowa Condition of the State Address, January 10, 2023 (Link)
  • New York 2023 State of the State Address, January 10, 2023 (Link)
  • Washington 2023 State of the State Address, January 10, 2023 (Link)
  • Arizona State of the State Address, January 9, 2023 (Link)
  • Idaho 2023 State of the State and Budget Address, January 9, 2023 (Link)
  • Connecticut State of the State Address, January 4, 2023 (Link)
  • Kentucky State of the Commonwealth Address, January 4, 2023 (Link)
  • North Dakota State of the State Address, January 3, 2023 (Link)
 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Greg Gianforte: Our commitment to unborn babies will never waver.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Let's repeal our extreme 1931 law banning abortion.
    Henry McMaster: Confident that Fetal Heartbeat bill is constitutional.
    Jay Inslee: Protect fundamental right to reproductive freedom.
    Jim Pillen: Nebraskans have been praying for 50 years to end abortion.
    Katie Hobbs: My administration will always protect reproductive freedom.
    Kim Reynolds: A pro-life state surrounds everyone with love and support.
    Mike Dunleavy: Most pro-life state, make it OK again to have kids.
    Spencer Cox: New tax credit for all children--the born and the unborn.
    Tate Reeves: Overturning Roe greatest conservative accomplishment.
    Glenn Youngkin: 15 week limit: Virginians want fewer abortions, not more.
    Bill Lee: $100M grant program to partner with crisis pregnancy clinics.
    J.B. Pritzker: Won't accept women losing rights, expanded pool of providers.
Budget & Economy
    Andy Beshear: Our mission is to move our families out of the floodplain.
    Andy Beshear: Bringing new prosperity to every corner of the commonwealth.
    Andy Beshear: Our Eisenhower moment: investing more in infrastructure.
    Brad Little: Investing in local infrastructure IS property tax relief.
    Brian Kemp: Partner with local governments on workforce housing.
    Dan McKee: Quarter billion dollar investment in creating more housing.
    Dan McKee: $2B for 137 state infrastructure projects moving forward.
    Doug Burgum: We've made great progress on our 10-year infrastructure plan.
    Eric Holcomb: Indiana has become known for our responsible budgets.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Sustainable funding for our economic development efforts.
    Gretchen Whitmer: I will continue finding ways to keep fixing the damn roads.
    Henry McMaster: Save money instead of spending it to prepare for the future.
    Henry McMaster: Complete infrastructure projects: roads, bridges, highways.
    Jared Polis: Invested billions in housing, but can't just our way out .
    Jim Pillen: Agencies must focus on what is needed, not what is nice.
    Jim Pillen: Infrastructure needs are more important than ever before.
    Joe Lombardo: We're buying with cash instead of credit.
    Kathy Hochul: Housing Compact has goal of 800,000 new homes in a decade.
    Mark Gordon: Old and crumbling infrastructure must be addressed.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Infrastructure brings jobs and opportunity to our state.
    Mike DeWine: $2.5B to prepare infrastructure of large development sites.
    Ned Lamont: Small business boost fund invested in over 100 new companies.
    Phil Murphy: Netflix production hub shows NJ is ready for our close up.
    Phil Murphy: More than $1B to support revitalizing our downtowns.
    Tate Reeves: Economic boom due to fiscally conservative principles.
    Tony Evers: $150M for small business & Innovation Grants.
    Tony Evers: Repaired over 5800 miles of roads, nearly 1600 bridges.
    Bill Lee: Public-private partnerships to modernize transportation.
    J.B. Pritzker: Illinois has passed four balanced budgets in a row.
    J.B. Pritzker: Illinois Grocery Initiative to open/expand local grocers.
    Wes Moore: We can invest today while also preparing for the future.
Civil Rights
    Gretchen Whitmer: Let's repeal outdated laws restricting who you can marry.
    Tate Reeves: Radical liberals attempt to undermine scientific truths.
    Dan McKee: Eliminate litter tax, a big nuisance for small business.
    Janet Mills: Direct economic relief to nearly 1000 small businesses.
    Brad Little: While others seek to defund the police, we DEFEND the police.
    Brian Kemp: Come after our children, and we will come after you!
    Henry McMaster: Keep career criminals behind bars & carry out executions.
    Jared Polis: Crack down on auto theft, propose tougher sentencing.
    Jim Pillen: Meet programming needs of inmates to reduce recidivism.
    Joe Lombardo: Make it harder--not easier--to commit a crime in Nevada.
    John Carney: Expand group intervention program to reduce gun violence.
    Josh Green: Move toward restorative approach not strictly punitive.
    Kathy Hochul: I stand by bail reform but there's room for improvement.
    Kim Reynolds: Treat fentanyl crimes as atrocities, increase penalties.
    Mark Gordon: Create Ashanti Alert System for notice of missing adults .
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Keep high-risk violent offenders behind bars before trial.
    Mike Dunleavy: For the first time in Alaska history, no actually means no.
    Phil Murphy: Top priority is tightening laws against car theft.
    Glenn Youngkin: Tougher penalties for those who commit crimes with guns.
    Bill Lee: At least one Homeland Security Agent in each of our counties.
    Greg Abbott: Activist judges use low bail to let out dangerous criminals.
    Andy Beshear: Time for General Assembly to legalize medical cannabis.
    Laura Kelly: Time for Kansas to finally legalize medical marijuana.
    Mike Dunleavy: Increase penalty for fentanyl deaths from 20 to 99 years.
    Glenn Youngkin: Make sale of deadly drugs a felony homicide.
    Greg Abbott: Treat fentanyl deaths as poisonings, prosecute as murders.
    Janet Mills: Expert in substance abuse for every child welfare district.
    Kevin Stitt: We have deactivated over 800 illegal marijuana farms.
    Andy Beshear: 5% pay raise to address public school teacher shortage.
    Brad Little: Support public schools AND educational freedom.
    Brad Little: $8500 scholarship for in-state post-high school education.
    Brian Kemp: We have given teachers a $7,000 pay raise in just five years.
    Brian Kemp: HOPE Scholarship and Grant awards now cover 100% of tuition.
    Dan McKee: Plan to reach Massachusetts education levels by 2030.
    Eric Holcomb: State should cover cost of "curriculum fees" paid by parents.
    Greg Gianforte: Let's empower parents to choose what's best for their family.
    Gretchen Whitmer: A free, public preschool education for every 4-year-old.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Goal: 60% earn a degree or skills certificate by 2030.
    Henry McMaster: Parents may choose public, private, or for-profit pre-K.
    Jared Polis: Ensure access to career-connected learning in high schools.
    Jim Justice: Make all curriculum available online for parents to see.
    Jim Pillen: Utilize community colleges to train students in the trades.
    Jim Pillen: $50 million for scholarships outside of public education .
    Joe Lombardo: $2 billion in new K-12 funding, and I expect results.
    Joe Lombardo: Will create the Office of School Choice for every option.
    John Carney: Increase state investments in early childhood education.
    Katie Hobbs: We must immediately override archaic funding cap .
    Katie Hobbs: Vouchers lack accountability; will likely bankrupt the state.
    Katie Hobbs: It's not an educator shortage; it's a retention crisis.
    Katie Hobbs: Expand Arizona Promise Scholarship Program for state college.
    Kim Reynolds: Create education savings accounts for private schooling.
    Kristi Noem: Scholarships for foster kids includes private school tuition.
    Laura Kelly: My budgets will fully fund schools every year I'm Governor.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: College enrollment has increased for first time in a decade.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: New constitutional right to early childhood education.
    Mike DeWine: Expand eligibility for EdChoice scholarship program.
    Mike DeWine: Use the evidence-based approaches of the Science of Reading.
    Spencer Cox: The largest variable in student outcomes is the teacher.
    Tate Reeves: We need more choice; we need more freedom.
    Tate Reeves: Won't require pronouns that fail to correspond with reality.
    Tony Evers: Invest $20 million to increase literacy-related programming.
    Glenn Youngkin: We must provide choice within the public school system.
    Bill Lee: Our goal is to train 10,000 new skilled workers a year.
    Bill Lee: Strive for best public schools, provide choices for parents.
    Chris Sununu: More funding for Charters, double Education Freedom Accounts.
    Greg Abbott: Schools should not push woke agendas, period.
    Greg Abbott: Reward community colleges that produce employable Texans.
    J.B. Pritzker: State and Pell grants make community college tuition-free.
    J.B. Pritzker: Allow pre-school access for every three and four year old.
    Janet Mills: Free community college is working; let's keep it up.
    Kevin Stitt: Providing more options for students leads to better outcomes.
    Kevin Stitt: Fewer DEI officers for schools; more career placement.
    Wes Moore: End the myth that every job requires a college education .
Energy & Oil
    Andy Beshear: Kentucky is the electric vehicle battery production capital.
    Doug Burgum: North Dakota takes and all-of-the-above approach.
    Doug Burgum: Providing a viable path forward for coal has been a priority.
    Doug Burgum: On our way toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 .
    Henry McMaster: South Carolina moving with auto industry towards electric.
    Jared Polis: We simply must end our reliance on costly fossil fuels.
    Jim Justice: I believe we need to welcome all sources of energy.
    Joe Lombardo: Seek energy independence rather than rely on wider market.
    John Carney: Build out Delaware electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
    Josh Green: Hydrogen technology has potential to make us energy exporter.
    Kathy Hochul: EmPower Plus helps low-income families retrofit their homes.
    Kathy Hochul: End new fossil-fuel-powered heating equipment by 2030.
    Mark Gordon: It is undeniable that coal remains a vital fuel source.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Codify our zero-emissions goal in state statute.
    Ned Lamont: Control our energy supply chain so Putin and Saudis can't.
    Phil Murphy: Primed to be a leader on the East Coast in offshore-wind.
    Glenn Youngkin: Let's set realistic carbon reduction goals every five years.
    Bill Lee: Tennessee should be the leader in nuclear energy for America.
    Greg Abbott: Build a power grid strong enough for the next century.
    Janet Mills: 100% of our electricity to come from clean energy by 2040.
    Kevin Stitt: Let's continue to embrace our "More of Everything" approach.
    Jay Inslee: Continue to fight against climate change & salmon extinction.
    Katie Hobbs: I plan to tackle our water issues openly and directly.
    Laura Kelly: Fully fund State Water Plan; water supply is diminishing.
    Mark Gordon: More than 30 lawsuits challenging federal overreach.
    Spencer Cox: We not going to let the Great Salt Lake disappear.
    Tony Evers: More than $100M to take a three-pronged approach on PFAS.
    Janet Mills: Strengthen our ability to detect and mitigate PFAS.
Families & Children
    Greg Gianforte: $5000 adoption tax credit; $7500 adopting out of foster care.
    Jim Pillen: Special Education fund: never give up on a single kid.
    Josh Green: Up to $10,000 child care tax credit for working families.
    Kathy Hochul: Streamline and centralize the child care application process.
    Kristi Noem: Expand family leave benefits to 100% of salary for 12 weeks.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Healthy, universal and free meals for every student.
    Mike DeWine: Repeal the State's sales tax on critical infant supplies.
    Mike Parson: Increase Child Care Subsidy rates to child care providers.
    Spencer Cox: Prevent social media companies from collecting kids' data.
    Tate Reeves: Make Mississippi the easiest place to raise a family.
    Tony Evers: 54% of Wisconsinites today live in a child care desert.
    Bill Lee: Extending post-partum Medicaid coverage is pro-life.
    Bill Lee: Paid parental-leave for state workers, no business mandate.
    J.B. Pritzker: Childcare for those in a job search or job training program.
    Kevin Stitt: Ban all gender transition surgeries & therapies for minors.
Foreign Policy
    Kristi Noem: Chinese Communist Party is our greatest external challenge.
    Kristi Noem: Can't allow Chinese interests to purchase South Dakota land.
    Phil Murphy: New Jersey proudly stands with the people of Ukraine.
    Kevin Stitt: We will protect Oklahoma from the Communist Party of China.
Free Trade
    Josh Green: Reposition our economy to pursue global opportunities.
    Mike Parson: Invest in semiconductor manufacturing, won't rely on China.
    Glenn Youngkin: Prohibit Chinese Communist tech & purchases of farmland.
Government Reform
    Doug Burgum: We need Farm Freedom legislation, and we need it now! .
    Gretchen Whitmer: Expand voting rights, protect election workers.
    Jared Polis: Most important thing is to protect our waterways and rights.
    Joe Lombardo: End universal mail-in ballots; require voter ID.
    Josh Green: We must be open, transparent, and accountable to the people.
    Katie Hobbs: Close water poaching loophole that's being exploited.
    Kim Reynolds: Put a moratorium on new rulemaking, assess existing rules.
    Mike DeWine: Consolidate services in new Dept. of Children and Youth.
    Mike Dunleavy: A moral obligation to fulfill the promise of statehood.
    Spencer Cox: Government decisions are major drivers in price of a home.
    Chris Sununu: We are committed to breaking down regulatory barriers.
    Kevin Stitt: Oklahomans deserve to know who's funding political campaigns.
    Wes Moore: Fill the jobs we desperately need; eliminate ones we don't.
Gun Control
    Dan McKee: I'm ready to sign a ban on sale of assault style weapons.
    Gretchen Whitmer: It's time for commonsense action to reduce gun violence.
    Jay Inslee: Require safety training; ban assault weapons.
    Kathy Hochul: Developed new strategies to deal with rise in gun violence.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Ban assault weapons; civil suits against manufacturers.
    Greg Abbott: Mandatory minimum sentence for illegally possessing guns.
Health Care
    Andy Beshear: We've provided more than $2 billion to Kentucky hospitals.
    Andy Beshear: Expanded Medicaid to including dental, hearing, vision.
    Brad Little: Make behavioral health services more accessible.
    Josh Green: Invest in healthcare providers so we remain the health state.
    Brian Kemp: State Pathways to Coverage rather than Medicaid expansion.
    Brian Kemp: $4.5M in loan repayments to increase healthcare workers.
    Eric Holcomb: Address mental health, addiction, suicide, & public health.
    Henry McMaster: Increase mental and behavioral health services.
    Jared Polis: Time to hold healthcare industry accountable for high costs.
    Jay Inslee: Community-based behavioral health care is what works.
    Joe Lombardo: $17 million expansion of mental health services.
    Joe Lombardo: Substantially revise or repeal the Public Option.
    Kathy Hochul: $1B and critical policy changes for mental health care.
    Kim Reynolds: Increase funding for health care apprenticeship program.
    Kristi Noem: Vaccine mandates stand in the way of business expansion.
    Kristi Noem: $1.1M for pregnancy/postpartum care for Medicaid recipients.
    Laura Kelly: Expand Medicaid; guarantee mental health care.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Expanding Medicaid will lead to universal health care state.
    Mike Dunleavy: No COVID vaccine mandate; but expand Medicaid.
    Mike Parson: $4.3M to address unacceptable maternal mortality rate.
    Tate Reeves: Seek free market solutions to disrupt traditional healthcare.
    Tony Evers: New resources to expand school-based mental health services.
    Glenn Youngkin: $230M to build strong, stable behavioral health safety net.
    Chris Sununu: The demand for mental health services remains high.
    Greg Abbott: Prohibit government from imposing COVID restrictions forever.
    J.B. Pritzker: Fund early intervention services for infants and toddlers.
    Janet Mills: Independent of Medicaid we're also providing dental care.
Homeland Security
    Doug Burgum: Budgeted to create a North Dakota Military Museum.
    Jim Justice: $5000 incentive for veterans to move to West Virginia.
    Chris Sununu: Created first Veterans Campus with housing & services.
    Brad Little: Secure the border to stop supply of fentanyl from Mexico.
    Greg Gianforte: Secure our southern border now, stop neglecting it.
    Katie Hobbs: $40M for scholarships regardless of immigration status.
    Katie Hobbs: Support border communities, push for immigration reform.
    Greg Abbott: Texas is the only state in US to build its own border wall.
    Greg Gianforte: We quadrupled the number of apprenticeship opportunities.
    John Carney: Today we have more jobs than we have people to fill them.
    Kathy Hochul: I am proposing a plan to peg the minimum wage to inflation.
    Kim Reynolds: We passed badly needed collective bargaining reform.
    Laura Kelly: Increase funding for Office of Registered Apprenticeship.
    Mike Parson: Investing $3M to expand apprenticeship opportunities.
    Ned Lamont: Medical leave & expanded childcare helps working people .
    Phil Murphy: Minimum wage up to $14.13/hour, will help more than 400,000.
    Phil Murphy: Not every new job is going to be housed in a physical office.
    Wes Moore: Create Service Year Option for young people to give back.
Principles & Values
    Andy Beshear: I have faith in God and faith in us.
    Greg Gianforte: Make Montana a sanctuary for freedom and free enterprise.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Our message is simple: we will fight for your freedom.
    Gretchen Whitmer: My fellow Michiganders, we live in a special place.
    Jared Polis: Colorado is unique; we always have been.
    Jay Inslee: We can't be number one in everything but we sure come close.
    Jim Justice: All the goodness in West Virginia is because of God above.
    Josh Green: Important to bring us together as one ohana, one family.
    Joe Lombardo: The Nevada Way: never give up; never stop dreaming.
    Katie Hobbs: Let's work together, not chase conspiracy theories.
    Kristi Noem: South Dakotans build the American Dream by working hard.
    Kristi Noem: I believe South Dakota is the freest state in the nation.
    Kristi Noem: We're in the greatest nation in the history of the world.
    Laura Kelly: My message is this: Continue to meet me in the middle.
    Mark Gordon: Something about our western culture is simply extraordinary.
    Ned Lamont: Just turned 69; getting older is kind of liberating.
    Phil Murphy: NGA: More respect and friendship; less partisanship.
    Phil Murphy: It's okay to admit it: it's cool to be from New Jersey again.
    Spencer Cox: Vice Chairman of the National Governors Association.
    Spencer Cox: It is for the free people of Utah to dictate our destiny.
    Spencer Cox: Real power in pleading for help from a higher authority.
    Tate Reeves: Never give into cynics who seek to tear down our great state.
    Tate Reeves: Blessed by one common God who smiles down upon Mississippi.
    Glenn Youngkin: Faith seared in our heart by loving, almighty Creator.
    Bill Lee: Elites don't always know best; everyday American people do.
    Chris Sununu: Government not here to guarantee solutions to your problems.
    J.B. Pritzker: In Illinois, we don't hide from the truth; we embrace it.
    Kevin Stitt: We have brought the American Dream back to Oklahoma.
    Wes Moore: We all want what's best for the people we represent.
Social Security
    Jim Pillen: Exempt Social Security income from state taxes by next year.
    Laura Kelly: Raise threshold for taxing Social Security to $100,000.
Tax Reform
    Brad Little: We created a fair, predictable, and lower flat income tax.
    Doug Burgum: Should adopt the lowest flat-rate income tax in the nation.
    Greg Gianforte: Provide relief to Montana taxpayers at every income level.
    Gretchen Whitmer: Lower the retirement tax; expand Working Families Tax Credit.
    Henry McMaster: We passed the largest income tax cut in state history.
    Henry McMaster: $2000 income tax credit for police & other first responders.
    Jared Polis: Colorado first state allowing deferral of some property tax .
    Jim Justice: Reduce personal income tax by 50% over three years.
    Jim Pillen: We all agree: we are taxed way too much.
    Joe Lombardo: Raise Commerce Tax exemption; suspend fuel tax.
    Josh Green: Every income bracket will be paying less state income tax.
    Katie Hobbs: Child tax credit for families earning less than $40K/year .
    Kim Reynolds: On a path to the 4th lowest income-tax rate in the country.
    Kristi Noem: What to do with surplus? My answer is simple: cut taxes.
    Laura Kelly: Axe the tax on groceries, diapers, feminine hygiene products.
    Mark Gordon: $1M to extend the Property Tax Refund Program for a year.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Tax cuts for middle class, make system more progressive.
    Mike DeWine: New tax credits to encourage home construction, ownership.
    Mike Parson: We passed the largest income tax cut in our state's history.
    Ned Lamont: I don't want more taxes, I want more taxpayers.
    Ned Lamont: Now is the time to enact a meaningful middle-class tax cut.
    Phil Murphy: We outpace states that give huge tax breaks for the wealthy.
    Tate Reeves: We will eliminate our state's income tax once and for all.
    Tony Evers: Big tax breaks for wealthiest 20% of earners is reckless.
    Glenn Youngkin: Eliminated grocery tax; look forward to more tax breaks.
    Glenn Youngkin: Increase standard deduction; $1B of surplus for tax relief.
    Bill Lee: Break from grocery tax, $150M tax relief to small business.
    Chris Sununu: Unlike other states, we don't raise taxes to meet our needs.
    Greg Abbott: Pass the largest property tax cut in the history of Texas.
    Kevin Stitt: Eliminate state grocery tax; reduce income tax rate to 3.99%.
    Wes Moore: $40,000 tax exemption on military retirement income.
    Doug Burgum: Goal is to be first state with 100% broadband access .
    Eric Holcomb: We're investing in infrastructure in all 92 counties.
    Greg Gianforte: $200M for water & sewer infrastructure, and housing.
    Mike Parson: If we can put electricity in every home, we can do broadband.
    Tony Evers: More than $340 million into expanding high-speed internet.
    Glenn Youngkin: Prohibit tech companies from selling children's data.
    Chris Sununu: $5M towards a computer science initiative in schools.
    Kevin Stitt: Get high-speed internet access to 95% of the state by 2028.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jay Inslee: $4B to speed up construction of new housing and shelters.
    Jim Justice: We've got to say we're going to stop hunger in West Virginia.
    Josh Green: Safe, affordable, and stable housing is a human right.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham: $100M for housing programs, we need thousands more homes.
    Janet Mills: Housing First legislation addresses chronic homelessness.
    Wes Moore: We can and we will end child poverty in Maryland.

The above quotations are from 2023 Governor's State of the State speeches.

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