Tony Sanchez on Education

Former Democratic Challenger TX Governor

Education reforms must have grassroots support

For the past 20 months, I have been meeting with parents, students, and educators, because the key to creating a future of progress and prosperity is going to come directly from the people on the front lines. We must fully utilize the innovation and intelligence available to us to create excellence in our system.
Source: Press Release, "TX Fed. of Teachers Endorse Sanchez" May 21, 2002

Reimagine relationship between state and school

Sanchez fleshed out his education proposals, which include raising teacher pay to the national average and establishing laboratory schools connected to the state's universities to discover improved teaching methods. Sanchez said he also would allow greater flexibility in the timing of student assessment tests. "The education of our children is something we must get right, but to do so we must renew our commitment to our children and reimagine the relationship between state, student and school."
Source: R.G. Ratcliffe, The Houston Chronicle May 15, 2002

Use Texas scholars to create new textbooks for schools

Sanchez said the state could save a portion of the $500 million a year it spends on textbooks through a new program. State academics would be given stipends to write textbooks or create multimedia material. They would give their intellectual property rights to Texas schools for free but would be able to make a profit selling the material to other states. "By taking advantage of the state's intellectual capital, Texas scholars can produce these new learning tools for free use in Texas."
Source: R.G. Ratcliffe, The Houston Chronicle May 15, 2002

Plan allows students to take assessment tests when ready

With Texas adopting a new assessment tool in 2003, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test, Sanchez proposes offering school districts the option of moving to a flexible testing schedule. Beginning with a third grade pilot program, students could take the assessment test when they are ready. The flexibility allows the district and teacher to recognize the individual needs of students and target areas of strengths and weaknesses.
Source: Press Release, "TX Education Beyond Tomorrow" Proposal May 14, 2002

Universities to work with new laboratory schools

Sanchez proposes a coordinated network of laboratory schools linked to all state university and community college systems. Our university and public school professionals will work together to develop model programs utilizing cutting-edge practices. Partially-funded by the current $150 million dollars already spent in remediating our high school graduates, the first laboratory schools will be located in districts whose students face the most difficulties.
Source: Press Release, "TX Education Beyond Tomorrow" Proposal May 14, 2002

Judge schools on quality of books & facilities

Sanchez has said he wants to measure school performance not just by test scores but also by whether they have up-to-date books, computer-based learning facilities and whether school facilities promote learning.
Source: R.G. Ratcliffe, The Houston Chronicle Mar 16, 2002

Supports Moment of Silence in schools

By refusing to hear an appeal from a circuit court in Virginia, the US Supreme Court yesterday clarified guidelines for religious freedom in our public schools. The Supreme Court had been asked to overturn a Virginia law mandating a moment of silence in that state’s schools.

“I think this is exactly the common ground we have all been looking for,” said Tony Sanchez. “If the Constitution guarantees our right to practice the religion of our choice everywhere else in our society, why should our children be asked to check their beliefs at the door when they enter the schoolhouse?“

”This means, under the guideline of silence, our children can pray or meditate and practice their religion freely, while in school, because religious liberty is a right that is guaranteed as much in a classroom or a boardroom as it is in a church.“ Sanchez supported [applying] the Virginia law for Texas schools.

Source: Press Release, “Moment of Silence” Oct 30, 2001

Vouchers take money from underfunded schools

Texas is among several states expected to seriously consider creating a voucher program. Tony Sanchez said he opposes school vouchers and would veto such a plan as governor. Sanchez said he was "not opposed on its legality.... I'm opposed to vouchers because you're taking money from an underfunded system that already exists."
Source: Dallas Morning News Jun 28, 2002

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