Howard Mills on Abortion

Supports a woman's right to choose

MILLS: I'm socially tolerant and O'Grady is in this race for one reason and one reason only: I support a woman's right to choose. She's an anti-choice candidate. She's running a one-issue, anti-choice campaign. I support a woman's right to choose.

O'GRADY: Everybody believes in freedom. What Howard doesn't believe in is the freedom for the unborn. They don't have any rights as far as he's concerned, and that's why I'm in this race in order to give a voice to those who would not have any voice.

Source: 2004 NY Senate Debate on WABC Oct 17, 2004

Pro-choice but against partial-birth abortion

The subject of choice is a deeply personal issue on which good people can disagree. I support a woman's right to choose and would not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade should I be faced with such a vote in the US Senate. My record in public office has been pro-choice, and I voted for clinic access legislation in the Assembly. I support efforts to make partial-birth abortion illegal, and oppose the recent court decision that ruled the federal ban on partial-birth abortion as unconstitutional.
Source: Campaign website, mills2004.com, "Issues" Aug 17, 2004

Supports Stem-Cell Research

The long struggle with Alzheimer's disease, experienced by President Ronald Reagan cemented my support for Stem Cell Research. While I respect the arguments made by those opposed to the practice, I believe that it is vital to our future health and vitality as a nation that scientists have the tools necessary for their efforts to find cures to diseases such as AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer's, among others.
Source: Campaign website, mills2004.com, "Issues" Aug 17, 2004

Pro-choice but no partial birth abortions

Source: 2000 NY State Legislative National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 2000

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