Jean Hay Bright on Health Care


National health care system is long overdue

A national health care system in the US is long overdue. The lack of such a system is making our nation uncompetitive in the industrialized world. The playing field is not level, our factories cannot successfully compete, when competitors in other countries have government-provided health care for their workers.

A national health care system would boost the economy in another way. Many workers stay in jobs that do not fully use their talents simply because they need to keep their employer-paid health insurance for their families. A national health care system would break that job link. People would be free to pursue jobs that better use their talents. The productive energy unleashed in that scenario would have both an immediate and a long term positive impact on our economy.

The solution is a national health care system. The usual terminology is "universal single-payer health care." The Canadian system is one model that would work here. I proposed a more consumer-based version 10 years ago.

Source: Campaign website, www.jeanhaybright.us, "Position Papers" Jun 13, 2006

More federal funding for health coverage

Jean Hay Bright responds that she Strongly Favors the statement "More federal funding for health coverage"
Source: Response by the candidate to VoteMatch questionnaire Dec 14, 2005

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