Jean Hay Bright on War & Peace


Get out of Iraq as quickly as possible by involving UN

How do we get out of Iraq? The short answer is "As quickly as possible."

Of course it is more complicated than that. But the first step is to have an agreed-upon goal, for Congress to agree that WE NEED TO GET OUT. Articulating the goal is important.

The second step is in understanding the dynamic of what is going on over there, of what we're doing and what we're not doing, what our responsibilities are, and what they're not.

The third step is to coordinate our withdrawal with the fledgling Iraqi government and its friendly neighbors in the region, involving the UN and European countries where appropriate, to maximize the potential for stability.

From all appearances, our presence there is not quelling any of the violence. In fact, it seems to only make matters worse.

I don't want our troops in harms way any longer. I don't want them to be targets for snipers or roadside bombs. We're an occupying army in a country that wants us gone. So let's go.

Source: Speech to the Kennebec County Democratic Committee May 18, 2006

Favors seeking UN approval for military action

Jean Hay Bright responds that she Strongly Favors the statement "Seek UN approval for military action"
Source: Response by the candidate to VoteMatch questionnaire Dec 14, 2005

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