Tim Kaine on Education

Democratic Senate Challenger; previously Governor


Allow Pell Grants to cover short-term training

Q: Refinance student loans at lower rates, paid for by increasing taxes on high earners (Elizabeth Warren proposal)? Increase student financial aid?

Tim Kaine (D): Voted for 2014 Warren proposal. Also fixed glitch in public service loan forgiveness program. Allow Pell Grants to cover short-term training.

Corey Stewart (R): No public statement found.

Source: 2018 CampusElect.org Issue Guide on Virginia Senate race , Oct 9, 2018

Fight efforts to divert public funding to private schools

Q: Provide vouchers to parents to send their children to private schools with public money?

Tim Kaine (D): No. Will fight efforts to divert public school funding to private schools.

Corey Stewart (R): Yes. Parents need to be in charge & should have as many choices as possible including vouchers.

Source: 2018 CampusElect.org Issue Guide on Virginia Senate race , Oct 9, 2018

Supports Common Core and educational standards

Kaine has supported the Common Core in the past, saying: "Measuring our students against international benchmarks is an important step," and, "We live in a world without borders. It not only matters how Virginia students compare to those in surrounding states--it matters how we compete with countries across the world."

He even signed Virginia up as an early supporter of the standards as governor, though that never actually happened after the state collectively decided its standards were better.

Source: Education World, "Kaine Stands on Education" , Aug 3, 2016

Protect LGBT students at schools, including gender identity

In May, Kaine wrote a letter to Education Secretary John B. King Jr. urging him to issue a clarification that LGBT students are protected from discrimination under Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs and activities. Less than two weeks later, the Education Department issued guidance that transgender students must be permitted to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity.
Source: Politico.com, "Education Letter," on 2016 Veepstakes , Jul 25, 2016

Spend on education: key to everything we want to achieve

We had to make tough decisions when I was in office (as governor) because it was the deepest recession since the 1930s. But that didn't stop us from expanding early childhood education, from building more classrooms and facilities on our college campuses so that more could go to school. Because we knew that education was the key to everything we wanted to achieve as a state and it's the key to everything we want to achieve as a nation.
Source: Forbes.com, intro V.P. speech with Hillary Clinton in Miami , Jul 24, 2016

Individualized learning, not charter schools

Most policy debate these days seems to be about charter schools or testing. But I'm convinced that the most important reform has been under our noses since 1975, when legislation was passed to guarantee children with diagnosed disabilities receive individualized learning plans tailored to meet their specific needs. Let's use the insight gained through advances in educating kids with disabilities to leverage new technologies and teaching methods that can individualize learning.
Source: DianeRavitch.com, "Kaine Loves Schools," on 2016 Veepstakes , Jul 23, 2016

More student loan interest cuts; more tuition assistance

Student loans have quickly become a hot button issue for candidates nationally and here in the Commonwealth. At Saturday's Republican Senate Debate in Roanoke candidates Bob Marshall, E.W. Jackson, and Jamie Radtke all came out forcefully saying the federal government should be out of the student loan business. 10 On Your Side also contacted Democratic senate candidate Tim Kaine, who supports extending interest rate cuts to student loans and increasing tuition assistance at the state level.
Source: WSLS-10 Roanaoke on 2012 Virginia Senate debate , May 5, 2012

FactCheck: Cut college funding & led to 30% tuition increase

Allen said: "What Tim Kaine did is he cut higher ed funding, and tuition increased in colleges by over 30% and that, of course, hurt families."

Former Gov. Kaine inherited a $1.45 billion budget for higher education costs when he came into office. In his farewell budget, Kaine recommended $1.37 billion in higher education funding for fiscal 2012. So over the span, Kaine supported a 5.7% cut. It's important to remember that Kaine was battling a severe recession at the end of his term.

Average in-state tuition and instructional fees at Virginia's four-year colleges rose 31.2% during Kaine's 2006-2010 gubernatorial term. At community colleges, those costs increased 24.5%. Tuition also rose nationwide.

We rated a similar Republican claim against Kaine's higher education record Mostly True. We deducted points because the claim places all the blame on Kaine without acknowledging that his funding levels for college won broad bipartisan support.

Source: PolitiFact.com 2012 Senate FactCheck: Virginia debate , Apr 30, 2012

Invest in education--from preschool to career skills

Tim has been a strong advocate in the Senate for investing in education--from expanding access to preschool, to ensuring students develop skills that prepare them for the careers of the 21st century. Tim reached across the aisle to form the bipartisan Senate CTE (career and technical education ) Caucus and worked with Republican and Democratic committee leaders to ensure the legislation to replace No Child Left Behind helped strengthen CTE and career counseling in K-12 schools.
Source: Virginia 2012 Senate campaign website KaineForVA.com , Feb 29, 2012

Increase K-12 school funds despite 3 rounds of budget cuts

Educating our young people is one of the most fundamental things that government does. That's why K-12 education was the one area that we did not reduce at all in the first 3 rounds of cuts. In fact, we increased funding for public education by approximately $1 billion for the biennium.

However, education is the single largest expenditure in the state budget and we will not be able to continue to leave education untouched in 2010.

I decided that nothing in our schools was as important to the students as their teachers and principals, and so I have made a proposal that protects our core priority--the classroom. My proposal is to reduce funding for administrative and support personnel in schools and central offices by applying a funding cap for these positions. For years we've applied a cap to determine the number of teachers and principals we fund--we should do the same for support staff.

Source: Virginia 2009 State of the State address , Jan 14, 2009

No mid-year tuition increases at state college, despite cuts

In higher education, I have had to propose difficult cuts, but I have been constantly mindful of the effect of higher tuition costs on Virginia families. We continue to have some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation, but it will mean little if Virginia students cannot afford to attend them.

I proposed a smaller cut to higher education in the 2009 academic year than to other agencies, and asked our colleges and universities not to make any mid-year increases to tuition.

In 2010, the cuts are deeper, but my budget proposes a lesser cut for community colleges--the most affordable point of entry into Virginia's higher education system. And, I propose $26 million in additional support for need-based financial aid so that middle and lower-income students will not find the doors of educational opportunity shut to them.

Source: Virginia 2009 State of the State address , Jan 14, 2009

We raised teacher pay & required regular teacher evaluations

When we work together, we produce results for all Virginians. Together, we've reduced taxes and invested in job creation. As a result, we have a low unemployment rate, a low tax burden, and we've been recognized as the most business-friendly state in America.

Together, we raised teacher pay, required regular teacher evaluations and invested in community colleges and higher education research. As a result, national publications and rankings acknowledge that our K/12 and higher education systems are among the best in the nation. In fact, Education Week recently published an extensive survey indicating that children born in Virginia have a better chance for life success than those born in any other state in this nation.

Together, we've helped make health insurance more available to small businesses and expanded children's access to health care services. As a result, more Virginia children are getting the health care they need.

Source: 2007 State of the State address to Virginia Assembly , Jan 10, 2007

Include private & church schools in kindergarten & pre-K

Education Week pointed out only two areas where Virginia was not among the nation's best--the number of children in kindergarten and the number in pre-K. We must act on our knowledge that investing in early childhood education delivers significant savings for our entire society down the road.

Studies show that 90% of a child's brain development occurs before the age of five. And that high-quality pre-kindergarten programs can have a dramatic effect on all children's readiness for school and can reduce expensive remedial education and social costs later in life. The gains are most pronounced for at-risk students, but there are clear benefits for all children who get an early start in a high-quality environment.

I have proposed pilot projects to expand the Virginia Preschool Initiative by including high quality private pre-school programs, including church programs, in our efforts to expand early learning.

Source: 2007 State of the State address to Virginia Assembly , Jan 10, 2007

Administration refused to fund NCLB Act

Think about what’s occurring in education. The administration’s No Child Left Behind Act is wreaking havoc on local school districts. Despite the insistence of Democrats in Congress that the program should be funded as promised, the administration has opposed full funding and is refusing to let states try innovative alternatives. Now the Republican leadership in Washington is actually cutting billions of dollars from the student loan programs that serve working families, helping to get their children through college.

There’s a better way. Last year, governors from across the country worked together in a bipartisan fashion to reform the senior year of high school to make it serve our students better. Many states are working to make high-quality pre-kindergarten accessible to every family. Congressional Democrats have a plan to educate 100,000 new engineers, scientists and mathematicians in the next four years. The results: more accredited schools, better student test scores.

Source: Democratic Response to 2006 State of the Union address , Jan 31, 2006

Expand need-based financial aid & Tuition Assistance Grants

Our network of community colleges, four-year colleges and universities plays a vital role in both our education system and our economic prosperity. The introduced budget includes significant additional funding for these schools to help them absorb over 56,000 new students by the year 2012. Further, I support the expansion of need-based financial aid and increases in Tuition Assistance Grants for students at our independent colleges contained in the introduced budget.
Source: State of the State 2006 address to Virginia Assembly , Jan 16, 2006

Make education policy by first-hand visits to schools

When I was Mayor of Richmond, I took a vow to visit a school in our city every Tuesday morning. I knew the public schools that my three children attended but I wanted to see the real condition of children’s education throughout the city. On my visits, I learned in a first-hand way the strengths and weaknesses of individual schools, listened to teachers, parents and students, and witnessed how educational policies play out in real life classrooms.
Source: 2005 Gubernatorial campaign website kaine2005.org, “Issues” , Nov 8, 2005

School vouchers divert resources from our public schools

On the day the Supreme Court announced its school choice decision, Gov. Mark Warner released a statement saying he opposed school vouchers because they "divert precious resources from our public schools." Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine has voiced the same objection.
Source: DailyPress.com, "School Choice", for 2016 Veepstakes , Jul 14, 2002

Opposes school vouchers.

Kaine opposes the CC Voters Guide question on vouchers

Christian Coalition publishes a number of special voter educational materials including the Christian Coalition Voter Guides, which provide voters with critical information about where candidates stand on important faith and family issues. The Christian Coalition Voters Guide summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: "Vouchers that allow parents to choose private school for their children"

Source: Christian Coalition Voter Guide 12-CC-q7 on Oct 31, 2012

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